Friday, February 21, 2014

The Price Out Of The Fans Continue In Yankee Stadium

The price out of the general Yankees fan that made the old Yankee Stadium so great continues with the news of the latest additions to the house that the boss built, the Field MVP Outdoor Suite Boxes and the Field MVP Club Seats. Slowly going by the wayside are the "cheap" Yankees tickets that you could buy the day of the game and have a great time with your family at the stadium and moving in are the big wigs in their big suits entertaining their potential clientele.

The Field MVP Club Seats are essentially replacing the Field MVP Sections of the stadium, Sections 116-124 and rows 12-21, and are coming at a higher price. You can buy year by year plans for this section and obviously, like anything else, the more and longer you buy or commit the cheaper it is. If you buy a one year plan for this section the Yankees tickets start at $235 per game and per seat and can get as low as $190 per game and per seat if you buy a 10 year installment. You do get certain new benefits, including the climate controlled Field MVP Club Lounge, including sitting behind home plate on Field Level in these seats. Are the complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, not being in the 100 degree sun next to a guy sweating without enough deodorant, a Audi Yankees Club, New York Yankees Legacy club, and Mohegan Sun Sports Bar membership, preferred parking, and a ton of other perks the more and longer you buy worth it? When you put it that way it probably is worth the cash truth be told.

If the price out of the Yankees fan hasn't been blatantly obvious enough the Field MVP Outdoor Suite Boxes, located on the upper level of the home first base side, are sure to convince you. even promotes these private suites as "built to impress" and "provide an intimate setting to entertain clients." What happened to the days when the stadium got so loud it rocked? These suites are nice no doubt, they are open aired, they have an in-suite waiter, they come with complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages, and can sit six to eight people per suite box. The suites run in the thousands of dollars per game and a pretty hefty deposit is required for these suites. Basically unless I get lost going to the bathroom and stumble upon one of these I will never get to see one from the inside.

The fans are being priced out, Yankees tickets are rising, but so is the product on the field. The Yankees are a brand and baseball is a business at the end of the day and Hal Steinbrenner and company are doing what they have to do to continue to open up their purses every offseason bringing us fans our shiny new toys. We'll always have the bleachers and the Bleacher Creatures to hold on to.


  1. My dad says we can't go to the Yankee games this year.....too expensive. He has to buy two seats for me because I'm a little "portly" he says.


    My own dad ....

    My mom says don't worry about it.....that if we got legend seats the waitress would die of exhaustion getting me food.

  2. I do my best but it's never good enough. I iron my pants in the driveway. When it rains i cover the porch with my underpants. I wear hula hoops to keep my socks up.

    But still, other kids make fun of me ...... They ask if the horse on my Polo shirt is real.........

    1. The troll act is not cute and not really appreciated...

  3. Mr. Slim & Mr. Burch :....Fat Boy, behave ...Daniel, listen.
    Many times in the world of tent shows, and Kubuli theater....there is a 'take two.'
    First impressions mean a lot. Try again,,,,,take two !

    1. I made a promise to you guys to do what I could to get the comment section going here, and I have. It is counter productive to have this here. If you want to talk to yourself then by all means have fun. It's your decision, not me ruling by force or anything. i have never said stop, just asking you to weigh your options and consequences.


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