Friday, August 8, 2014

David Robertson Will Not Return On A Discount

The Yankees had a shot at signing David Robertson to an extension at a discounted rate last offseason, but passed. But now, according to D-Rob himself, they'll have to pay market value to retain their new closer.

During an interview with George King of the NY Post, Robertson said "this offseason I probably would have gone for a discount, although I wasn't a closer," then later added "[a contract offer] would have to be a legit offer at this point of the year."

David said he wasn't surprised by a lack of an extension offer, as he understands that's how the team works. Outside of Brett Gardner, the Yankees are known for not doing contract extensions.

While many fans are fine with the team letting David Robertson go in free agency, as Dellin Betances looks like he could step into the closer role, I want the Yankees to bring D-Rob back. Sure... the Yankees have another guy that could likely be a good closer, there would still be a big hole that needs to be filled in the bullpen. And while it's rare that a good to great closer gets traded, they also don't come cheap in free agency. Besides, just because somebody has success as a player on one team, that doesn't mean success will come on another.

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