Friday, August 8, 2014

Rogers Wins Spot Start Over Indians

Esmil Rogers gave up just one earned run in 5 innings and Carlos Beltran drove in five tonight as the Yankees continued their great week with a 10-6 win over the Indians.

In this one's top of the first, interestingly, Rogers surrendered that trip around the bases, giving Cleveland the early lead.

Still, since the Yanks answered with five of their own off Trevor Bauer (3 1/3 IP, 5 ER) in their half of the frame when Beltran knocked in Derek Jeter, Chase Headley walked with the bases loaded, the Stephen Drew/Martin Prado duo connected on a pair of RBI singles, and Jason Kipnis committed a throwing error Rogers was able to collect the W, the second time he's done so in the last six days.

No, his four-hit, three-strikeout outing wasn't perfect, but thanks to a big grand slam from Beltran followed by another run-scoring error by the Indians in the bottom of the sixth that made it 10-2 it did in fact count, with the later struggles of Shawn Kelley also proving irrelevant due to #36's offensive outburst.

Granted, Kelley's troubles pretty much forced Joe Girardi to bring Dellin Betances in for the top of the ninth, something no New Yorker wanted to see. 

Nonetheless, since Betances only had to throw 13 pitches in that at-bat you have wonder how much him being used actually matters, as that total obviously isn't a lot.

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