Saturday, August 30, 2014

Please Don’t Piss On Me & Tell Me It’s Raining

Anyone ever heard the old saying “don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining?” If you haven’t what it basically means in a nutshell is don’t tell me one thing and then do another. For example, what the New York Yankees did when they allowed Matt Thornton to be claimed by the Washington Nationals for just his contract while the team was in the middle of a pennant race. Brian Cashman and company smoothed the transaction over by dropping a few prospects and up and comers names at the fans to get us all excited, and it worked, and has failed to mention another word about it.

Some fans were introduced to the names of Tyler Webb, James Pazos, Matt Tracy, Pat Venditte, Francisco Rondon, and Jacob Lindgren to name a few for the first time when the transaction happened and some were excited to think about the prospects they had been following for so long may finally get a chance in the major leagues. A few days later the Yankees announced the contract purchase of former Boston Red Sox lefty Rich Hill and a subsequent call up. Hill has either given up runs or rotted in the Yankees bullpen and no other mention of the Yankees young left handed pitchers has come out of the mouths of anyone in the Yankees camp.

Are you going to call up Webb, Lindgren, etc. or are you going to continue to marginally upgrade with veterans, see Josh Outman, and continue to Band-Aid the situation? I can take it either way as long as you’re shooting me straight and not BS’ing me. Which is it Cash? Is it raining, Jacob Lindgren, or is it more piss?

Stay tuned…


  1. IT"S RAINING URINE ?....what a lead-in !....Can I top it ? No way.

    Nice win last now of the last 7 of 9. Fingers crossed, and candles at the ready.
    Bad year for my candles. Perhaps, past their expiration dates.
    No cavalry on the horizon, nor the rumor mill. Looks like this is what they go with.

    Ken Reed runs from nothing.....except Mrs. Reed.

    I have company this weekend. Along with work.
    The Boston Walsh' arrived yesterday. The five, and three year old, can cause severe mayhem.
    From a quite house, on a tree lined a mental institution in a matter of minutes.
    And !!! where did all my beer go ?

    Will be posting light, if at all, over the next two days, understandable.
    Greedies, stay strong, and return fire often. Check for windage, and elevation.
    Following officer Reed....would be a good idea.

  2. never enough.
    What is it.....if you can't pitch, you can't win ? or, if you can't hit etc ? I know, I'm all over the place.
    With Josh Outman now here, I'm in a state of flux. Is he the savior ?

    Put the laser on the subject...focus in for a tight it ? They can not hit with runners on base. They have trouble scoring 3-4 runs a game....sometimes two.
    They are nice folks, that scare no one.

    Mr. Jeter scares nobody. Talk about non productive. A real captain would say to Mgr. Girardi...
    " Coach, I'm dragging the team down, but I'm getting a lot of stupid gifts, what should I do ? "

    He wont say that. Getting cowboy boots with your number on the side is too addictive.
    Who wants all this junk that he is accumulating ? You got to be nuts.

    Want headlines ? ..." The Yankees today are sitting Derek Jeter, in favor of a young
    call-up. All the junk, in the locker room, that Jeter accumulated this being donated
    to KARS for Kids. "
    Want the back page ? Do it.
    That said.....who does this team really scare ?

    1. Pretty sure that game ended our season yesterday afternoon unfortunately.

  3. ONE YEAR AGO....Yankee Fans Unite..." merged " with Greedy Pinstripes. ( The world stopped ! )
    In one year, not one of those half wit bastards, has posted here.

    Could it be the field is now level, and your worm like spines have slithered back into
    some filthy card board box ?....Yeah, I bet I'm right.

    1. Was promised writers too and that never happened. What can you do.

    2. I've always wondered this, so I guess I'll finally ask it. What exactly is the bad blood between TGP and YFU?

    3. In reality Jack, there is bad blood between Patrick and those from the other site. I had a disagreement with one commenter.
      But Patrick, never gave up the ship, kept ringing their bell as much as they did his. And stayed until the end! He tried to hold things together for over a year (?), all by no avail!
      Twasp was a great talent as a writer, with great wit. Truly one of the better writers on the site. If he were to come here and comment often, it would be great for this site. But it seems as if he can't because he is too busy with other things.
      Patrick could hold his own with the barbs and arrows. Me, not so much! It was one of those "Been there and done that", things with me.
      Patrick was the hero or just too stubborn to leave...I'll say Hero!

  4. WHAT CAN ONE DO ?....Easy, try to understand why the ebola virus was named after their
    spineless website. Dumb asses.


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