Saturday, August 30, 2014

Quick Hit: In Case You Were Wondering Who Won The Michael Pineda for Jesus Montero Trade

Just in case there was anyone left out there that had any doubt whether the Yankees or the Mariners won the blockbuster Jesus Montero for Michael Pineda trade I believe we may finally have our answer. Pineda has been hurt since coming over to the Yankees but has looked stellar since coming off the disabled list while Montero has also been injured and not looked stellar at any point in his Mariners career. In fact Jesus Montero is on a minor league rehab assignment right now with Seattle's Class-A short season affiliate. 

During the rehab game a Mariners crosschecker, or scout for those who didn't know, sent Montero an ice cream sandwich to the dugout during the game. Montero apparently didn't see the humor or the good nature of the scout and reportedly had to be restrained after going after the crosschecker with a baseball bat. 

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