Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quick Hit: Maybe Stephen Drew Isn’t All That Bad

Just a quick FYI for everyone this morning to try and lift your spirits and make you feel better about having Stephen Drew on the team. On July 31st Brian Cashman sent the Boston Red Sox GM Bill Cherington a text message that said something to the effect of “hey how about Kelly Johnson for Stephen Drew.” Obviously you guys already know the rest as Drew plays second base for the team and Kelly Johnson came off the disabled list and has played sporadically in Boston.

As bad as Drew has been in New York, and when I say bad I mean horrible, he has surprisingly been better than Johnson has in Boston. Since the trade Drew has hit .156/.225/.313 for New York while Johnson has hit .160/.160/.200 for Boston. Drew has two home runs and 10 RBI while walking six times and playing a pretty damn good second base for someone who has never played it before while Johnson has zero home runs, one RBI, zero walks, and hasn’t seen the field much at all.

I have been skeptical of Drew as much, if not more, as the next guy but it could be worse… we could still have Kelly Johnson. Have a great day Yankees family and keep in mind that it could always be worse, you could be Boston. 

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