Thursday, August 28, 2014

Derek Jeter's Farewell Gifts Thus Far

#2 Yankees Cowboy Boots
Houston Astros (4/2/14)

Yankees #2 paddle board
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (5/7/14)

Golden Bat and a $10,000 donation to Jeter's non profit charity
Milwaukee Brewers (5/11/14)

#2 made out of Subway tiles and a Derek Jeter cake. 
New York Mets (5/15/14)

#2 off the Wrigley Scoreboard 
Chicago Cubs (5/21/14)

A case of dirt from US Cellular Field, a donation to the Turn 2 Foundation, and a bench made from baseball bats and bases.
Chicago White Sox (5/25/14)

Stan Musial cuff links and a $10,000 donation to the Turn 2 Foundation. 
St. Louis Cardinals (5/26/14)

$34,000 watch from Robinson Cano, Safeco Field base, and donation to the Turn 2 Foundation
Seattle Mariners (6/11/14)

Last second base bag used in Metrodome (Yankees ALDS clinching win) and $10,000 donation to Turn 2.
Minnesota Twins (7/5/14)

#2 guitar and a Lego portrait of the Captain
Cleveland Indians 7/10/14

Signed and framed jerseys from Dave Concepcion and Barry Larkin
Cincinnati Reds 7/19/14

Cowboy boots, framed picture with President George W. Bush, and $10,000 donation to Turn 2
Texas Rangers 7/30/14

$10,000 donation to the Turn 2 Foundation
Kansas City Royals 8/25

University of Michigan Baseball Jersey
University of Michigan 8/27

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  1. I had the gifts from the Tigers last night and apparently they didn't transfer or I didn't hit the save button.. either way, my bad.


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