Monday, September 29, 2014

McCarthy Wants to Return to Yankees Next Season

Yankees' Starting Pitcher Brandon McCarthy wants to return to the team next season, he told The Star Ledger's Brendan Kuty yesterday. 

McCarthy, 31, was acquired by the Yanks from the Diamondbacks July 6 in exchange for struggling lefty Vidal Nuno. In his time with New York, which was preceded by a bad first few months, McCarthy flourished against a number of solid opponents, going 7-5 with a 2.89 ERA.

"There's nothing in my time that I've seen that makes me think (not)," he said.

McCarthy, who will be a free agent this winter, cited the people around him in the organization as reasons. Since joining the club, as you may or may not already know, McCarthy has often credited Pitching Coach Larry Rothschild for his successes due to the latter's assertion that he throw more cutters. 

"The coaching staff is great," McCarthy said. "Teammates are great. The facilities, everything is top notch. There wasn't anything that turns you off."

Hopefully the Yankees are thinking the same thing, as re-signing McCarthy would likely be a cheap way to better their rotation. 


  1. I think resigning McCarthy is a must. I know it's been discussed here recently, and will be discussed and debated all winter long, but our starting pitching depth isn't as solid as some might think. Tanaka, Sabathia, and even Pineda are question marks. Tanaka for his elbow, Sabathia for his knee and declining velocity, and Pineda hasn't pitched a full season yet in his entire career. Daniel hit the nail on the head earlier with Nova. We probably won't see Nova until after the all star break. That leaves Green and Phelps as the only semi - reliable rotation options. Signing McCarthy is more important than retaining Headley or signing a shortstop.

  2. I really think Headley is the most important factor only because he can fill in at third base, first base, and the outfield. I do agree that McCarthy is important though so maybe a priority 1A and 1B. I only put Headley ahead of McCarthy because of the Bryan Mitchell's, Manny Banuelos', and all the other guys coming through the system that could pull a Shane Greene in 2015 given the chance.

    1. I agree that Headley is very important as well. We don't know what we'll get from Arod and Teix. Health wise and production. Banuelos has been extremely babied this season. I think he only had 60-70 innings, and I don't think he was ever allowed to throw more than four innings in a start. I wouldn't be surprised if he spent another year in the minors.

    2. I honestly look for him to end up in the BP along with Phelps. Phelps has a history of having arm troubles (Wore out) if he gets to many innings. Man-Bam uses full effort with every pitch and wears down after a few innings in each start. (My opinion, having seen him pitch many times.)
      You may be right with Man-Bam going back down, whether he goes down as a starter or BP pitcher. I don't know, but he you stated.

  3. NO ONE...commented on my thoughts, for having Alex Rodriquez be the short stop in 2015.
    I was being serious. Is it a dumb thought ?

    What if he can play decently ? Cal Ripkin played well at an older age, why not Alex ? Think
    how he would settle the waters.

    When no one acknowledges my words, is it because you think I'm joking, or is the dumb card
    being played ?
    Now battling......short stop, Alex Rodriquez !

    1. After two hip surgeries, I doubt he would have the range of a bad SS!
      When he first came over he would have been ok, but not now. His last few years, his errors have gone down at 3rd, of course he hadn't had as much playing time. No, 3rd or DH is his place.

  4. Alex Rodriguez barely had the range to play at third base two seasons ago and a serious hip surgery ago. I think everyone thought you were joking or you had too many Coors Lights. I've been wrong before and will be the first one to admit if I am wrong but I don't feel like Alex could adequately play shortstop next season.

    Jeter lacked range and he was a wizard, shortstop pun intended, compared to what I believe Alex would be.

    1. If I was not Irish, you never would have mentioned the beer. One can never have too
      many Coors Light.
      Therefore, you are playing the dumb card ?

    2. Patrick, you know all you New England Irishmen have a proclivity for the bubbly, or the hops!

  5. The River Ave Blues guys did a job on him. But, he had some good points.

    When I challenged words of higher-ups, over at Yankee Fans Unite.....they would attack.
    Eventually leading to some sort of banning. For questioning, imagine ?

    I wish they had joined this site, where the playing field is fair, and level.
    They would of run away in short order. But, to display their feet of clay would of been great fun.
    I am proud of my multiple bannings while ' contributing ' there.
    Twasp, also got nailed a time, or two. Not sure, but I think the old Rocket got it also.
    Who could ban the Rocket ?..........Only sorry ass lunatics.

    1. Sorry Patrick...was never banned over there, I was the peacemaker. Every time things got somewhat nicey, nice, one person would start it all over again. He reminded me of "Puff" Graig Nettles except, Graig did it for the fun of it.

  6. ROCKET....You should have been banned over there. And, worn it as a badge of honor.

    Anyway....Alex Rodriquez, short stop in waiting. Girardi will assign him slots at DH, first base,
    and the primary position....short.
    Headley, should be the 3rd baseman, if resigned.
    Imagine....Headley, Rodriquez, Prado, and Tex. Infield done, next !!

    Rocket....are you sure you were not sent packing, from YFU ? Once ?
    You were NOT always a peacemaker.

    1. I was, until I corrected Ballpark (whom I have great respect for) on a hitting point. I said; there is NO right way to hit! Except for the basics, everyone is different. How one gets to the ball is a non-factor...IF everything else is right (I call it, core balance)! Maybe you remember the shit I got for that?!

    2. BALLPARK ?....That lying, back stabbing, two faced, meatball...from New Jersey.
      I got one ' lifetime ' ban for telling him I was tired about listening to him whine
      about his heart monitor.
      I think that whole crew went to a Motel-Six, once a month, to shower together.
      Pathetic emotionally unbalanced worms, & those destined for mental institutions = YFU

      My greatest wish, was that I could get my hands on one of them. Especially,
      the coward, rooster..

    3. Be nice Patrick, you know I am a, no talk of violence!

  7. YES, YES !!!....The momentum is building....look at this. A ground swell is beginning.

    From tonight's NY Post, from a guy called ' Lucky Lou.'.....check this out.

    " LuckyLou .....4 hours ago.....

    Why not try A-Rod at SS? .....and, Keep Headley at 3rd."

    Simply awesome, LuckyLou !

    1. But, but Patrick...don't you read what I write? Just because one says so, doesn't make it so! One must take some of this stuff with a grain of salt! Besides not everyone understands much about baseball...some are just baseball fans.

  8. I would never play the dumb card patrick, you are far too intelligent for that. I was playing the Coors Light card.

  9. patrick, how does one get multiple lifetime bans from the sport? Please try to dumb it down and enlighten me, lol. I wouldn't even begin to know how to ban someone, only a douche will ban someone.

    oh well. their loss, OUR gain


      Lets clear the decks, and have fun doing it.

      As a 6 X lifetime banned person, from the darkened cesspool, called...YFU, or
      ' Yankee Fans Unite.' site....there has to be a story. And, I will tell it.

      Three jovial travelers, who had never met...Twasp, Ken, and patrick. From the
      beginnings at the former great .....' I -Yankees' site. A most wonderful melting pot.
      Three guys, and 5-6 years later...a fun ride.

      Let's wait 'til the dark of winter, when all is dank...and some what death like...while
      spring training seems like years away. A good time for a laugh.
      That would be a perfect time to break down the journey.

      A mix of humor, crazed reality, and truth. I'll shoot from the hip, while I hope you enjoy.
      The ones that stand in the shadows, and watch, from YFU...( the pricks ) will be encouraged to join in. You can bring your little ' dolly ', so that you do not tremble.

      This is a fair site, unlike yours. Daniel, has never met the likes of you.
      You are encouraged to denounce my words.

  10. RON GARDENHIRE....let's put this paving block in place!

    Released just yesterday, by the Twins, this wonderful person should have a spot
    in the Yankee pecking order. Please get him on board.
    Perhaps the only person from New Jersey that I like, outside of Springsteen.
    Don't let this special ' players manager ', get stolen from this Yankee organization. Grab him !!!!

  11. I am 100% in agreement on Gardenhire. Get him in the organization however you can. It;s not his fault his GM and owners wont bring in the players, trade the players (Denard Span), and refuse to spend the money. He is a great baseball mind and I would welcome him at any position. Hand him the third base job until Tony Pena gets the manager job he deserves and let him be the bench coach.

    This time from College Point, Queens, today's New york Post.
    This guy knows his stuff, check it out :

    Gar ....from Queens....1 hour ago

    " At very least, Kevin Long must go but Girardi needs to tell the players to execute hit and runs, steal bases, and sac bunt. No more losing several 1-2 run games that should have been won. The Yanks need at least 1 power bat and a lefty pitcher. Let Arod play SS, he could not have a worse range then Jeter and has a better arm. Resign Headley for 3rd/1st."

    Outside of the fact that Gar needs work on his punctuation, he is right on point.

  13. Ron Gardenhire....redux...

    What a plus it would be, to have the former, " young player's manager ", on the 2015 club.
    He is just what Rob Refsnyder, and Jacob Lindgren would need, to settle in.

    What a great signing, to start the off season.

    1. Ron Gardenhire would be great in New York, but as the manager or bench!
      I am not one to say Joe G. is or was a bad manager...certainly, much better than Joe T...but so many times the situation called for a bunt but, how many guys could be counted on to lay down a bunt when needed...for most of the year? Brett, Ells and who?
      We had a team of over the hill or under-preforming players. Many times I would yell at Joe for doing something to late or to early or whatever!
      All of those things contributed to many of his decisions on the field.
      I also think we have the nucleolus of a good team for next year.
      If we do anything I would like to see them go after Lester, Scherzer or never has too much pitching...but they are not what we really need.

  14. A CLEAN SHEET OF PAPER....let's scribble.
    Lets trade Gardner, and Cervelli...and perhaps a Phelps / Warren / Greene. To clear some space.
    We will get back to those traded chips later. But, you now have a bit of room to add pcs.

    The 2015 infield : Headley...Prodo / Ryan...Refsnyder...Tiex. ( It's a start. Scribble on.)

    The 2015 outfield, with Ellsbury the lone man standing.....after the Gardner trade, and not
    resigning the others. Sorry, Ichiro...............Room to maneuver now ? Yes, sir.
    The 2015....power, and home runs are what you want.
    So lets try these..LF: Sizemore / Cuddyer / the Cuban, Thomas...CF: Ellsbury...RF: Cespedes.

    Yes, it is scribble. But as you can see, change can be created.
    Think big, stay strong.....nothing is imposable.

    1. Patrick you do have grand ideas, that's for sure! Have a cold one and say hello to the Boss she puts up with you, so she must be Irish also!

  15. KEN...Rocket man :
    My ideas, are to show that things can be done. I love creativity.

    You, and Daniel make it sound like drink out of paper bags, at the city bus stations.
    The bus station part is true, but I now use plastic bags. K-Mart ones are my favorite.

    As far as the Boss....Yes, she is Irish....a Reilly / Shields.
    I met her when she was fifteen.....She waited four years, for me to get back from the Navy.
    My lucky day.

    Stay well, my friend.

    1. Patrick....
      There never has been a word such as CAN"T in my Vocabulary, but the word Reality has been used many times. One thing is true, we DO need some CHANGES, and I believe there are some that can be made with the chips we have. Four catchers and a couple of pitchers can bring a big name Pitcher or Bat.
      Unless, a few players will take a trade we can't do very much.

  16. Where is Carlos Beltran on your scribble pad patrick? Also when did Boston say they wanted to trade Cespedes? I assume "Sizemore" is Grady Sizemore? I can get behind that, Tomas too. Cuddyer would add some pop, and K's, to the lineup.

    Not really a big fan of trading Gardner but if it fetches something nice, why not.

    And FYI I never mentioned paper bags, I always pictured you as a can drinker. Or an aluminum bottle drinker. Those dont sip well out of paper bags.

  17. CESPEDES....if I am in error, excuse me. But, is he not a free agent over the winter ?

    Beltran ? With all the junk they removed from that elbow, it was a wonder that he could even shave.
    I like him, and he was born to hit.

    My whole point with this exercise, was to show that putting a different face on this team, is
    very do able.

    Truth is, I prefer to drink from a paper bag. Anne Marie frowns on it, when I do it at weddings.

  18. No sir, Cespedes is a free agent after this season. He will spend 2015 in Boston unfortunately.

    You never know the elbow surgery may help Beltran. He won't be the St. Louis Cardinal version I'm sure but if he is better than .240 and 15-ish home runs I think I would take it at this point.

  19. Ken

    you're right, change can happen with this team. I think for the first time in a long time the team actually has some tradeable players that can bring back something significant both on the 40 man and in the minors. The problem is we are relying heavily on most of them in 2015.

    if you trade away this strength to plug a hole the first time someone gets hurt that strength turned weakness is truly exposed, you know? The depth is just not there yet unfortunately as most of the Yankees great prospects are in Double-A or below.

    1. Daniel, you are right as usual, but the BIG Caveat is; the only players I would trade are those we have more than we need or could use other than trade bait. We will loose a few players in the rule #5 anyhow, we can't protect all of them.
      Example; McCann is our catcher, but we have, not one, not two, but three catchers in the running for the back-up roll. That is trade bait, one of them, along with one of the many starters we have pushing for a spot next year is a start! we also have a couple of Out fielders that are going to be rule fives also. We need one of two categories taken care of this winter...A #1 pitcher or a BIGGGG bat.
      It's not like we have much room to put anyone is there?

  20. I agree that one or even two of the catchers should be traded as long as one of them is Austin Romine. We have too much depth. You either move Romine to first base or you trade him, his performance is struggling because of playing time.

    I think the only notable Rule 5 guy is Tyler Austin in the outfield and he will be protected. Zoilo is a minor league free agent I believe and so is Jose Pirela.


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