Monday, December 1, 2014

TGP Daily Poll: Yankees Sign Max Scherzer TODAY

Over the weekend we learned the Yankees offered Max Scherzer a contract and today we learn that Mad Max has accepted the deal and the deal is close.

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  1. Question how can you accept the deal and then say the deal is close? Which one is it?

    1. The "accepted the deal" rumor was proven to be false after this was written.

  2. Gotcha. Curry said on Yankees hot stove that no offer has been made yet your Trenton Thunder guy says yes. Who do you believe and why?

  3. Can you not believe both? I didn't see the latest tweet from Curry but I do know that Pfeiffer said a deal was made, and I believe him, and Curry said it wasn't a 6 year deal, which I believe too.


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