Sunday, January 18, 2015

The New York Yankees Have Won w/ Less

I was as upset as the next guy when the New York Yankees signed Chris Capuano to basically be the teams fifth starter but since then I have calmed down and gathered my thoughts. I have come to the conclusion that if you look at history the Yankees have won a whole lot with a whole lot less in the fifth spot of the rotation. Sure the Yankees have plenty of question marks in the rotation and sure Capuano is probably just keeping the seat warm for Ivan Nova's return from Tommy John surgery but I don't think the Yankees season hinges on Capuano like some of the comments I have been reading.

My initial thoughts went to the 2000 season when the Yankees ace Roger Clemens lost a start in the Subway World Series the night before Denny Neagle, the same Denny Neagle that went 7-7 with a 5.81 ERA in the Bronx, won a World Series game as the Yankees fifth starter.

Just the season before Hideki Irabu got a World Series ring in New York as a fifth starter pitching to a 11-7 record and a 4.84 ERA. The 1998 Yankees fifth starter was also Irabu although he did pitch better with a 13-7 record with an ERA barely over four which looks like the exception and not the rule. You see Irabu as the exception even more when you look at the Yankees 1997 fifth starter Kenny Rogers who went 6-7 with a 5.65 ERA.

What do all these teams have in common? They were all successful with a veteran inning eating presence at the end of the rotation. What else do these teams have in common? A shut down bullpen that allowed these starters to come out after five or even six innings a night and still give the team a shot to win. In closing, back off of Capuano. If you want to blame the successes, or failures, of the 2015 season on anyone blame it on Michael Pineda, CC Sabathia, Masahiro Tanaka and Nathan Eovaldi.


  1. Agree 100%. I like Capuano's quality starts.

    Still. I'm not giving up on Scherzer. Nobody's openly showing interest in him right now, therefore everyone's a possibility to land him

  2. I'm not disagreeing with either of you. I like Capuano as our fifth starter, or even our longman/spotstarter. I just feel that with the health risks we have, I would feel a lot more comfortable with signing or trading for another frontline starter. What's the worst that can happen? Tanaka and Pineda stays healthy and CC learns to pitch instead of throw? I'd take that. Four above average starters followed by the unknown Eovaldi with Capuano as a longman. That's why we need another starter. Not because I think Capuano is worthless.

    1. I definitely agree with you Jeff. I like Capuano a lot better as a 5th with a lot more stability at the top. If healthy our pitching is as good as anyone's, big question mark though.

  3. ' RED CLAY ' BURCH......
    The foot soldiers on your site are all over Chris Capuano, but not for the reasons you listed above.

    Capuano is what he is. A below average pitcher, who was DFA last season. He is probably a
    decent guy. One you could share a few beers with. But a dumb signing.

    Capuano is in our cross hairs because he has become the symbol, for all that's wrong with
    the 2015 rotation. Not his fault that the five man may be getting ready to circle the drain.
    But, he has become the poster boy.

  4. FROM MLB.......
    Jon Heyman is reporting that Max SHERZER is close to signing a seven year deal w / Nationals.
    A second team is involved also, not the Yankees.

  5. As I stated before, Capy is a ground ball pitcher and inning eater. Good enough for a #5 pitcher. Nothing is expected of him other than...keep the ball in the park and give us some innings!
    Would I rather have a much better pitcher as the number 5, you bet'ca!

    1. Well said Mr. Reed. Totally agree. If 1-4 does their thing it shouldn't matter who the 5th starter is.

  6. RE: MAX SHERZER.....I think Sherzer is a jinx. A big contract bomb.

    Whom ever sighs him, will be entering into a nightmare. Seven years ? ....lucky if you get a quality
    two years. A priest told me this tonight...we were drinking Jack Daniels, and Holy Water.

    The old slaves, not the ones running around NYC today, used to use the phrase.." bad Ju-Ju."
    Yankees, stay clear of the Ju-Ju.

    1. Washington signed him. Think he can be an ace for at least five of those seasons, especially in the NL and especially facing offenses like ATL, NYM and PHI.

  7. CURTAIN COMING DOWN.................
    Imagine Hans ( Hanzel & Gretal ) & TWASP on the same stage ? I can.

  8. I hear Washington is trying to trade Zimmermann, He is only 28 and a FA after this year (I think)!
    It would cost many of our up and coming players, Pirela, Refsnyder, etc.!
    They say there is another team involved but, I think that is only in a trade partnership deal not on Sherzer!
    The Yankees are NOT going to sign Sherzer...I hope!
    There would have to be an extension on Zimmermann for it to be a good deal, and of course the players they may want in return. The bad thing is, the Yankees need the two aforementioned players next year at the latest...well, one of them anyhow!

    What are your thoughts Fans?

  9. Scherzer off the board, going to Washington on a 7 year deal


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