Friday, March 6, 2015

High Risk/High Reward Fantasy Baseball Pitchers

Once the top talent in Fantasy Baseball is gone and the big names have been picked is when the leagues are truly won and lost each season. It’s the later picks, the scrap wire picks and the high risk high reward picks that can truly make you or break you each season. This season will be no different as I expect there to be more than a few starting pitchers that are coming off injuries that will still be on the board late or after your draft wraps up. Should you pick them?

In the first case, yes, you should absolutely pick him. Yu Darvish was cruising right along on his way to another great season in 2014 when an elbow injury ended his season. Darvish is already back on his usual schedule as far as throwing and spring training and all signs point to him being dominant in 2015 like he has been his entire career. The triceps injury yesterday does worry me but only a little. 

Homer Bailey was always one of those prospects you thought were going to finally break out that year and it never happened, and then his no hitter happened. Bailey also suffered from an elbow injury in 2014 and pitches in a very hitting friendly Citizens Bank Park in Cincinnati. Bailey is one of those guys that is behind in spring and will possibly be still on the board after the last pick is made and definitely worth a final roster spot if you can wait on him.

For the third elbow injury thrown into the mix we have the Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cliff Lee. Lee missed more than half the season in 2014 with an elbow injury after several setbacks ruined his attempts at a comeback. Lee will have no pressure in Philadelphia and if he can prove that he is still effective he will likely be dealt to a contender. I’d definitely take a waiver on him late in the draft and hope for the best.

I’ll personally always remember Clay Buchholz as the guy who gave up Derek Jeter’s final hit in the major leagues in 2014 and the guy that Jeter shook hands and congratulated before walking off into the sunset. Other than that game Buchholz battled knee injuries and a less than mediocre team behind him in 2014 and his stats suffered for it subsequently. If you need an ace you probably shouldn’t draft Clay but if you need a solid innings eater type pitcher that will get you wins while sacrificing ERA then he may be your man. 

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