Friday, March 6, 2015

Jimmy Rollins Considered Trade to Mets but not Yankees

The New York Post, who as you know I am not entirely happy with at this particular minute, reported that former Phillies and current Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop considered waiving his no trade right to accept a trade to the New York Mets. One team that Rollins did not consider waiving his trade right for was the New York Yankees. Interesting.

Rollins did state that the only destination he actually wanted to go to was Los Angeles and was very happy to be a Dodgers player, and who could blame him, but the idea of being a Mets player at least intrigued him. Rollins mentioned the stockpile of young arms the Mets have as his reasoning behind it as he saw a bright future with the Metropolitans.

Rollins stated in that same interview that it would have been hard to replace Derek Jeter this late in his career and would have never gone to the Yankees for that reason. I get that because I don’t think anyone necessarily wanted to be the one to replace Jeter except for Troy Tulowitzki but someone has to do it. Long story short Rollins is in Los Angeles, Didi Gregorius is in New York and Wilmer Flores is written in pencil as the shortstop in Queens. 

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