Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Check In: Luis Severino

Luis Severino made his seventh start in Triple-A this season on Friday and has been getting better and better which each of those starts. When the All Star Futures Game rosters were announced this season Severino was left off those rosters despite running through the Yankees system in 2015 and doing well at each stop. This sparked speculation that the Yankees have plans for Severino in the second half of the season, maybe a call up to the bullpen?

The Yankees love to bring up prospects who were starting pitchers in the minor leagues and plug them into the bullpen. The team allows the player to then get their feet wet while limiting their innings and allows the team to evaluate the player in lower pressure situations. This seems like a great idea for Severino going forward and it may be the plan for the RHP in the second half, we'll just have to stay tuned because the Yankees aren't saying anything of the sorts out loud just yet.


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