Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bring me Martin Prado

With every passing day it looks like the Yankees may have made a mistake when they traded infielder Martin Prado and RHP David Phelps to the Miami Marlins for RHP Nathan Eovaldi and INF/OF Garrett Jones. Phelps has been great as a starter and even dominated his old team earlier this season while Eovaldi has been consistently inconsistent this season. Jones has struggled in extremely limited playing time both offensively and defensively while Prado has been much better than any second baseman that the Yankees have thrown out there this season while the team has been forced to play Chase Headley, Stephen Drew and Mark Teixeira almost daily due to the lack of back up options. With the hamate bone injury to Prado's teammate Giancarlo Stanton and with the Marlins already struggling this season despite adding numerous players this offseason could Miami start selling off some of their players including Prado?

Miami is not going to go all fire sale on the league and sell of every major piece they have, not unless they want a very upset Stanton and Christian Yelich who both recently signed long-term extensions with the club, so let's get that idea out of our minds but that does not mean that the team won't sell off a few pieces at this year's trading deadline. Unless this team starts going on a run the team may want to start selling off some of their impending free agents while the team continues building towards the 2016 season, 2017 seasons and beyond. That list of players includes RHP Dan Haren and Mat Latos along with outfielder Ichiro Suzuki and Prado. 

Haren and Latos presumably do not interest the Yankees while Miami seems unlikely to trade Ichiro if they plan on bringing him back for the 2016 leaving Prado as their main trade piece. The Yankees have an obvious need at second base and seem unwilling to call up top second base prospect Robert Refsnyder leaving the team two options, ride it out with Drew or to make a trade. Adding Prado for cheap would allow the team to give Headley regular days off at third base, Drew a full-time bench position and Teixeira regular days off while adding another right handed bat to the lineup with playing in New York experience. 

It probably won't happen and honestly I don't know what Miami would even want in return but it couldn't be much with that much salary and two months left on his contract. 

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