Sunday, August 30, 2015

Transactions: New York Yankees vs. Atlanta Braves

As the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves finish up their three game set inside Turner Field this weekend I got to thinking, could the roster shuffle and revolving door that the Yankees have done in 2015 happen with a National League ball club? That's probably a harder question to answer than I have made it out to be but I decided to check out the team's respected transactions page from and compared the sheer amount of transactions each team has made from month to month. I asked the question earlier in the week and I will finish the weekend by attempting to answer it, is the roster shuffle and roster manipulation the new meta?

Some of these transactions include draft signings, minor league free agent signings, injuries etc. but I wanted to include them because this post is about roster shuffling and manipulation as a whole and less about moving players in and out of a bullpen every ten days. The list above is far from perfect but it does go to show you, at least in my opinion, that this kind of roster manipulation can happen with a National League team. This may have been a bad comparison since the Braves are in the middle of rebuilding their franchise, and honestly I'm not entirely sure what I was trying to prove here, but the numbers are interesting enough to speak for themselves in my opinion.

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