Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Predicting the 2015 World Series

The Chicago Cubs and the Toronto Blue Jays, a 2015 World Series that I doubt anyone had before the season started. I know I didn't, I had the Washington Nationals and the Seattle Mariners, but I do know. I had the Blue Jays taking an easier route than the second Wild Card winning Chicago Cubs but the end result is the same. Who takes home their first World Series championship trophy in a long (and for the Cubs I mean A LONG) time.

Just as a reminder the American League won the 2015 All-Star Game so the Toronto Blue Jays will have home-field advantage throughout the World Series with games one, two, six and seven inside the Rogers Centre.

Game 1 - Rogers Centre
Jake Arrieta vs. David Price
Blue Jays win 4-1
Toronto leads best of seven series 1-0

Game 2 - Rogers Centre
Jon Lester vs. Marcus Stroman
Blue Jays win 9-4
Toronto leads best of seven series 2-0

Game 3 - Wrigley Field
Marco Estrada vs. Jason Hammel 
Cubs win 7-3
Toronto leads best of seven series 2-1

Game 4 - Wrigley Field
RA Dickey vs. Kyle Hendricks
Cubs win 3-1
Toronto and Chicago tied at 2-2

Game 5 - Wrigley Field
David Price vs. Jake Arrieta
Toronto wins 2-0
Toronto leads best of seven series 3-2

Game 6 - Rogers Centre
Jon Lester vs. Marcus Stroman
Cubs win 5-4
Toronto and Chicago tied at 3-3

Game 7 - Rogers Centre
Jake Arrieta vs. Marco Estrada
Cubs win 5-3
Cubs win 2015 World Series 4-3

That's it, the Chicago Cubs pull the upset. I've watched too much Back to the Future II.


  1. Cards will win the WS. Best run organization in baseball outside of the Giants

    1. And the Giants missed the postseason so what does that say about how much the organization means to the on the field product?

      Not tongue in cheek, I'm curious.

    2. Question Burch how many WS has the Giant's won in the last 7 years?

    3. Three if memory serves. Less than what the Yankees have won under Brian Cashman (in more years). Guess Cashman and the Yankees front office is awesome.

    4. Burch the Giants have won the WS in 2010, 2012, 2014 and are scheduled to win in 2016 and contrary to your comment about Cashman and company I know you're smart enough to realize that Stick and Watson were responsible for at least 4 of WS victories. Cashman really should only accept 2009. I'll take the Giants front office every day of the week and twice on Sunday over the Yankees. Winning the WS every other year sounds pretty good to me since we haven't made the playoffs the last three years in a row and yes you count that game as a playoff game but I don't. Play in game all the way doesn't constitute playoffs to me.

    5. I'm not tearing down the Giants at all. I'm from Northern California originally, so they've always been my second favorite team. I'm just saying that Sabean has had his fair share of duds and bad trades.

  2. AS I SEE IT.............the Yankees season crashed when Eovaldi got hurt.

    The Revolver carried this squad the whole season, and when he got injured, the team knew that stormy seas, along with no Revolver, was a bad combination. They were right.

    As they plodded on, the dagger driven into his ribs, sapped the teams energies.....
    Their flag bearer went down.....Simple as that.

    The facts below, only enhance my point :

    Eovaldi, 25, had a 4.20 ERA (3.42 FIP) in 27 starts and 154.1 innings this season.
    Eovaldi had a 5.12 ERA (4.09 FIP) in his first 13 starts and 70.1 innings............
    and then had a 3.43 ERA (2.86 FIP) in his final 14 starts and 84 innings. He became magical.

    The splitter was the key for Eovaldi. Every five days, another team, wilted as he pitched.

    Pitching Guru Coach Rothschild had him start the year with a traditional forkball grip just to get used to having his fingers so spread apart before switching to a splitter. The split was a major weapon for Eovaldi in those final 14 starts.

    The revolver is back in the holster for now....ready to spin the chamber again for ......2016.

    1. It happened about that time but I truly think the Teix injury killed the team. I said before he got injured he was the closest to impossible to replace and he was.

      Sure Bird did great but Teix in the middle of the lineup as a switch hitter just hurt the team. Couldn't score, especially against a LHP

  3. Daniel....saw your post before, regarding your dad.
    Things happen in one's life that are difficult to handle. Time handles things. Some longer than others...................Been down that road a few times.

    You were too over the top with Jeff Levin....He had no idea what he was commenting into, but he was entitled to his opinion.
    Jeff is a good guy, as you are.

    1. I appreciate that Patrick, but I don't think Daniel was over the top at all. I have my own opinion about people struggling with addiction. My sister died at 31 because of her various addictions. I loved my sister as I'm sure Daniel loved his father. If you were offended by my comments Daniel, I truly apologize. I just have very strong views when it comes to this subject.

    2. Not offended at all Levin, just sharing my personal opinion ( and I touched on it more in a post later).

      I have never tried to keep people from
      Feeling like they can express their opinions here and I hope at the end of the day I can say that I never did.

  4. 27 World Series Rings and we have the blogs going crazy because we missed making the cut. Has anyone read some of the stuff written?

  5. I hope I am right with this prognostication;
    The only thing I think may be in the works is open the books somewhat to get two maybe three FA players!

    One must remember, they signed one hell of a lot of the IFA players and most of them haven't even played yet.

    What I am saying (very badly) is we may end up with as many as, two rookies in the outfield and an FA!
    One FA pitcher along with a couple rookies added to the BP (or get Robertson back).

    I really look to have Evo become a much better pitcher...he needs to learn how to pitch using all three of his pitches. IF Mitchell can come all the way back he would be welcome in the BP making it a three headed monster out there and resting the top guys much more then he did in 2015.

    Rob Segedin, 26 years old is the only 3rd baseman that may be close to coming up next he better than Chase...I have no idea! Other than that I can see we need one big righthanded bat and one #1 or #2 pitcher, just as we have all said all year long.

    A-Rod, Beltran, McCann, and Tex are a force but a year older, how much can we depend on them alone to carry this team. We need what we had in the first half of last year, guys on base for the big guns and players that can take the extra base or even bunt against the shift. Why in the hell would a guy that hits 7 to 10 HRs a year hit into the shift when we need runners to keep the line going.

    1. Segedin is closer to an organizational prospect than he is coming up to the Major Leagues to make a difference, see Kyle Roller and Kyle Davies as well. Going to be Jagielo or bust at third base right now unless someone is moved.

    2. True but Chase isn't as bad as we could have with anyone of them and Jagielo isn't setting the house on fire. I thought of the other guys, but Segedin was hitting better I think and not that bad with the glove. Oh well, we need someone to step up...that would be a nice place to hide a good bat.


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