Saturday, November 14, 2015

Andrew Miller for Stephen Strasburg Makes Sense Unfortunately

The New York Yankees are being aggressive as the GM meetings begin and the offseason kicks off in fashion. Brian Cashman is said to be on the phone and meeting with every GM across the league and has stated that no one is safe in the Bronx, the Bronx may be burning. Cashman mentioned one player by name specifically that either excited or infuriated many fans when they learned that he could potentially be shopped and/or traded and that was Yankees closer Andrew Miller.  As much as I don’t want to admit it to myself the deal that is being floated around, whether it be by the beat writers or the fans themselves, that would send Yankees closer Andrew Miller to Washington heads up for Stephen Strasburg makes sense for both teams… and I’m prepared to tell you why.

Before we get too in-depth with this let me put out a short disclaimer. I don’t want to trade Andrew Miller. Closing games in New York is not like closing games anywhere else and I don’t just believe that any closer can do it. I believe Dellin Betances could do it, mind you, but trading away a player that is meeting or exceeding his contract seems redundant on THIS team with so many who aren’t. Whether I want to let the fact that I am a fan of Miller’s or not cloud my judgement remains to be seen but I am level-headed enough to admit the deal makes sense.

The Yankees need an ace, bottom line. They have a ton of good pitchers that could be great but right now they don’t have that one guy that can stop a losing streak almost each and every time. Luis Severino could be that guy and up until now Masahiro Tanaka has been acting like that guy but Strasburg has all the makings to be that guy. Sure he’s been injury prone thus far in his career, some pitchers react differently to Tommy John surgery both mentally and physically, and sure he hasn’t lived up to the hype but it’s not often that #1 overall talent from the MLB Draft becomes available, especially to the Yankees. Acquiring Strasburg would give him and the Yankees a one-year audition and quite a long time to decide whether they want to offer him a qualifying offer or sign him to a contract extension after 2016.

The Yankees could take that money they cleared from the Miller contract and sign one or two relievers to “replace” him. Darren O’Day could come in and pitch the 8th inning with Betances sliding into the 9th inning role while New York fills out their bullpen with Adam Warren, Justin Wilson, Chasen Shreve and maybe a Joakim Soria or a Tony Sipp.

The deal makes sense and on paper and makes the team better on paper but that doesn’t necessarily mean the deal sits well with me. I’m a fan, I can’t help it. 

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