Saturday, November 14, 2015

Predicting the BBWAA Award Winners for 2015

The 2015 Baseball Writers Association of America announced their finalists for the major awards this week on MLB Network. To no one’s surprise there was not a single member of the New York Yankees listed, although if Mark Teixeira doesn’t miss a chunk of August and all of September and October you have to think he is in the thick of things for American League MVP, and there are a ton of new faces vying for the awards. Here is who I personally think will win the awards, not that I think they deserve to win the award necessarily. You know how the voting goes though, sometimes it’s a popularity contest and sometimes they get it right. That’s baseball.


Most Valuable Player

Lorenzo Cain
  • ·         Josh Donaldson

Mike Trout

Cy Young

Sonny Gray
  • ·         Dallas Keuchel

David Price

Rookie of the Year
  • ·         Carlos Correa

Francisco Lindor
Miguel Sano

Manager of the Year
  • ·         Jeff Banister

A.J. Hinch
Paul Molitor


Most Valuable Player

Paul Goldschmidt
  • ·         Bryce Harper

Joey Votto

Cy Young
  • ·         Jake Arrieta

Zack Greinke
Clayton Kershaw

Rookie of the Year
  • ·         Kris Bryant

Matt Duffy
Jung Ho Kang

Manager of the Year

Terry Collins
  • ·         Joe Maddon

Mike Matheny

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