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Los Angeles – The Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA) announced the winners in its Most Valuable Player category Thursday, with the Toronto Blue Jays’ Josh Donaldson winning the group’s American League award, and Bryce Harper, of the Washington Nationals, being selected in the National League.
Donaldson received 124 first-place votes (69.27%) and 2222 points while being named on 179 of 180 ballots (97.22%). Others receiving first-place votes include Mike Trout (53), David Price (1) and Chris Davis (1).
Harper received 170 first-place votes (94.44%) and 2461 points while being named on all 180 ballots. Others receiving first-place votes include Paul Goldschmidt (4), Yoenis Cespedes (2), Zack Greinke (2), Nolan Arenado (1) and Anthony Rizzo (1).
Election results are as follows:
1st Place:                  Josh Donaldson, Toronto Blue Jays – 2222 points
nd Place:                 
Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – 1820 
3rd Place:                 
 Lorenzo Cain, Kansas City Royals– 967
4th Place:                  Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles – 792
5th Place:                  Nelson Cruz , Texas Rangers – 663
6th Place:                  Jose Batista, Toronto Blue Jays – 467
7th Place:                  Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers – 348 
8th Place:                  Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros – 333
9th Place:                 Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles – 320
10th Place:                David Price, Toronto Blue Jays – 309
1st Place:                  Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals – 2461 points
nd Place:                 
Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks – 1314 
3rd Place
:                  Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds – 998
4th Place:                  Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates – 814
5th Place:                  Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs – 772
6th Place:                  Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants – 595
7th Place:                  Nolan Arenado , Colorado Rockies – 533
8th Place:                  Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs – 508
9th Place:                  Zack Greinke, Los Angeles Dodgers – 465
10th Place:                Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs – 351
Ballot tabulations by Brian Wittig & Associates, using the Borda Method.
The IBWAA was established July 4, 2009 to organize and promote the growing online baseball media, and to serve as a digital alternative to the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA). Voting for full season awards takes place in September of each year, with selections being announced in November. The IBWAA also holds a Hall of Fame election in December of each year, with results being announced the following January.
In 2010, the IBWAA began voting in its own relief pitcher category, establishing the Rollie Fingers American League Relief Pitcher of the Year and the Hoyt Wilhelm National League Relief Pitcher of the Year Awards.

Among approximately 400 others, IBWAA members include Jim Bowden, Jim Caple, David Schoenfield and Mark A. Simon of; Tim Brown, Yahoo! Sports; Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports Hardball Talk; Bill Chuck,; Derrick Goold, St. Louis Post-Dispatch; King Kaufman, Bleacher Report; Kevin Kennedy; Kostya Kennedy, Sports Illustrated; Will Leitch, Sports on Earth; Bruce Markusen, Hardball Times; Ross Newhan; Dayn Perry and Matt Snyder,; Mark Purdy, San Jose Mercury News; Tom Hoffarth and J.P. Hoornstra Los Angeles Daily News; Pedro Moura, Orange County Register; Tracy Ringolsby,; Ken Rosenthal,; Eno Sarris, FanGraphs; Dan Schlossberg, USA Today; Jesse Spector, Sporting News and Wendy Thurm.
Association membership is open to any and all Internet baseball writers, with a yearly fee of $20, or $35 lifetime. Discounts for groups and scholarships are available. Members must be 18 years of age to apply.

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Howard Cole
Founding Director, IBWAA

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