Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekly AFL Check In: Tyler Wade

Tyler Wade was one of the lesser known names that the New York Yankees sent down to the Arizona Fall League this winter and unfortunately for the team, and for Wade, he will remain so for at least a few more months. Wade his dabbled around in the infield playing mostly second base and shortstop, the former more so than the latter, and has tried to put together a respectable batting line along the way. Wade tried, but has struggled at the plate this season.

Wade will likely begin the 2016 season in Charleston or Tampa. It remains to be seen though, with the emergence of Didi Gregorius, whether that will be a shortstop or a second baseman. Stay tuned for that.

Tyler Wade: 

Games: 14
At Bats: 41
AVG: .220
OBP: .313
SLG: .268
OPS: .581
H: 9
HR: 0
RBI: 6
BB: 6
K: 7


  1. 2nd base is where he will play the most this opinion!

    1. I honestly can't see Wade making the show. Not enough bat, marginal defense.

    2. How dare you pass judgement on my veracity!
      I thought it was in line with the kids in college now days and thought I would try just doesn't fit somehow. LOL

      From what I have read, his defense is plenty good enough and his hitting is (may become) good enough for a 2nd baseman. That is what some of the (so-called) experts say. They say he is being looked at to play 2nd base and team up with Mateo. I have never seen him play. So, don't take my word for it, please! LOL

      Myself, I (as you) am one that still likes Refsy at 2nd base. Manny fans don't understand how hard it is to play in the infield with the big guys. Much has to be learned and relearned until everything is done without thinking.
      Look how much trouble Drew had adjusting to 2nd base, it took him nearly half the year. High school and college players can adjust quickly because their game is not as polished nor as demanding but, moving from the outfield to the infield in one year is asking a is easier going from in, to the outfield by far!

  2. I just haven't read in one place that Wade is a future MLB infielder. More of an organizational prospect. A lot can change between now and then though, obviously.


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