Monday, January 18, 2016

Fantasy Baseball: Who are the Chicago White Sox?

Some of the bigger named free agents are finally starting to come off the board and we as fans are inching closer and closer to our fantasy league’s with every passing day. You know what’s weird? I love to analyze the players that should be drafted and should be stayed away from but I lose interest in fantasy sports after the initial draft. Maybe it’s a lack of time to invest into the league daily or maybe I just feel like the work is done at that point, who knows. But anyway, I carry on today bringing you some fantasy advice and analysis for a fellow American League team that should have a few unknown players to the casual fans, the Chicago White Sox.

We know about the bonafide fantasy baseball stars the team have in Chris Sale, Jose Abreu, Adam Eaton and Todd Frazier but I am more interested in the lesser known names that can ultimately make or break your fantasy team from year to year. Players like Carlos Rodon, Brett Lawrie and Melky Cabrera.

Let’s start with Lawrie who I advocated for and asked the Yankees to sign because of his ability to not only play second base, a need at the time, but also third base, a current need for the Yankees. Lawrie qualifies at both positions this season and is coming off a season in which he set career highs in home runs, 16, and RBI, 60, while playing healthy and hitting in a very pitcher-friendly ballpark in Oakland. The most important part about it is that he did it quietly. Everyone wants 15 home runs and 60 RBI power at second base on their fantasy team and for all those who don’t get Jose Altuve, Brian Dozier and the other top second baseman should take a chance on Lawrie.

Rodon may finally put it all together in 2016. Finally. Rodon will have to improve on his walk totals, he had 4.53 walks per nine innings in 2015, but if he can and can improve on his 47% groundball rate and 9.0 K/9 strikeout rate he may easily replace the production of Jeff Samardzija and then some. He may be an intriguing 20th round or so pick for you if you’re already stacked at pitching.

Finally we showcase Melky Cabrera who may be one of the best second hole hitters in all of Major League Baseball. Melkly is a switch-hitting outfielder who should hit for power and draw a ton of walks in the White Sox order. He should also benefit from Abreu hitting behind him and Frazier hitting fourth while Eaton hitting leadoff should give him plenty of RBI chances with his gap power. If you need on base and decent home run and RBI numbers at DH or the outfield then Melky may be your guy.

This is the White Sox, if I missed anyone please let me know below in the comments section. Hope this helps!

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