Monday, January 18, 2016

Most Popular Article of the Week: If Not Justin Upton then Who?

The New York Yankees are in a bit of a unique situation this offseason. The team has needs, every team does, but the team lacks a true position where they can upgrade the offense and team easily. There are at least seven players vying for the starting rotation and another 10+ vying for the final bullpen slots on the team. The offense is seemingly full and will see breakout rookies like Greg Bird and Robert Refsnyder starting the season in Triple-A while there’s little to no room to improve the defense without a chain reaction of trades. I have said many times this offseason that the team should be at least willing to discuss a potential trade of an outfielder to make room for Justin Upton with little traction coming from my blog posts, if not Upton then who else would make sense for the Yankees this offseason?

If not Upton then what Yoenis Cespedes? This is the obvious answer if the Yankees are looking for some right-handed pop in the lineup and another outfielder that can play in all three outfield positions. Cespedes, unlike Upton, would not require the forfeit of a first round draft pick though as he was not linked to a qualifying offer this offseason. The list of teams said to be interested in Cespedes is dwindling, especially after San Francisco signed Denard Span to a three-year deal, so you have to wonder if the one or two year pillow contract we discussed for Upton earlier last week would apply to Cespedes as well and whether he would take it or not. All signs point to no since teams like the Chicago White Sox and others have been willing to give Cespedes a three-year deal but you would have to think the window to win in New York is better than that of Chicago.

If the Yankees want to go back to #TooManyDamnHrs they could always shock the baseball world and go after Chris Davis as well. Davis, although better suited as a DH at this point in his career, has played at first base, third base and the outfield although none were considered to be adequate attempts defensively. You don’t acquire a player like Davis for his defense or his batting average though you acquire him for his 50+ home run power, which may translate to 60 home run power inside Yankee Stadium, and the Yankees may decide his bat is worth finding at bats for. New York would presumably have to beat Baltimore’s $154 million offer they have left on the table for Davis though which may be the biggest obstacle.

The final piece could bring a pitcher back to New York and that pitcher could be Wei-Yin Chen. I would hate to lose the draft pick for a pitcher that’s not an ace but Chen has a proven track record not only in the American League but in the AL East, which counts for more than people realize I think. Chen is just 30-years old and has a career 3.72 ERA pitching in the East while throwing in at least 185 innings in three of his first four seasons. Chen, like former teammate Davis, won’t come cheap making him unlikely to ever don pinstripes under this current regime but he’s the only pitcher out there that may be actually worth the risk and worth the reward.


  1. GLENN FRYE, 67....Driving force of the Eagles. Died today.
    Lovely wife, and three children left behind.
    A true talent, and decent human being...'Take it Easy' on your journey.

    1. This has been a terrible start to the new year. People dying everywhere, recognizable names. Sad.

    They asked for help, for six hours.

    I served on a carrier in the Mediterranean Sea, and I can tell you that
    from the furthest point away from 40 minutes you would have had F-14' raining down death, followed by marines in attack helicopters
    to kill what was left over. 40 minutes, or less, max.

    Our President, and his Secretary of State, let them die. This is not complicated.
    And, now the stand downers say the survivors are lying.

    I never dreamed in my lifetime I would witness such dishonor.

    1. Patrick...
      I had a very reactionary dissertation on the biggest FUBAR and cover-up, oh wait...was not a cover-up the reason Pres. Nixon resigned? Did anyone die, no you say?

      Believe me, it was long and boring.

    2. The saddest part patrick is we may very well be on our way to electing one of the main parties involved in that incident to the presidency of the United States. Emails, cell phones and all.

    3. If that were to happen....!
      You do know Daniel, the Rep. party establishment has come out and said the worse thing to happen would be for Ted To win the nomination and next worse would be "The Donald" some of those in the higher archy have said "It would be better for That Benghazi lady to be elected and they will do everything they can to stop the two front runners, Ted/Donald.
      One thing I have always been against is an NEW Party, Properly called the Conservative Party. But nowadays we have a Liberal Party and a Socialist Party on one side and an (RINO) Republican Party and a Conservative Party on the other side. This is not the year for the split to take place but...when one of those two get elected President, I think that would be the time to do it.
      The establishment has no idea that the base of the party is mostly conservatives, they think we are all WACO's. I wonder if they have been paying attention to the last three elections for the Senate House and Governorships, they were landslides for the conservates.

    4. Well Donald got endorsed by Sarah Palin. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    5. That surprised me to some extent Daniel.
      Sarah is a Ragen Conservative whereas, Trump is (I think) a Populist Conservative. I thought she would support Ted, who has proven himself a true unshakable Ragen Conservative.

  3. Not for nothing...but, on this awful cold night in the northeast,
    why can not ones thoughts stray to subjects other than dormant baseball?

    1. I can imagine if it's this cold down here in Georgia what it feels like in the NE. It didn't get above freezing yesterday and it was 16 when I woke up this morning. Bad morning for the heat to go out in the Volvo huh? Well it did.

  4. BRET GARDNER vs If there's smoke, there may be fire.

    I post the following up here tonight, because I came upon this rumor
    at two different times today, and at two different locations.
    Both of which are legit.

    Trade talk:
    Bret Gardner, and a bit more..for Andrew Heaney, Angels LH pitcher
    Heaney is 25 of age...can be a free agent in 2022.
    First real MLB season...2015...6-4. ERA 3.49 105 Innings / 78K.

    Stats were verified.

    1. I'm not overly impressed with Heaney personally but acquiring a 25-year old southpaw with upside for a 32-year old outfielder is always a good idea on a team that's trying to get younger and cheaper.


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