Monday, February 1, 2016

Greg Bird Will Miss 2016 w/ Torn Labrum

The worst possible news the New York Yankees could have received this month just happened when they learned that first baseman Greg Bird would miss the entire 2016 season with a torn labrum in his shoulder. This is a reocurrence of the injury that caused him to miss time in May of the 2015 season and despite being checked back in October the Yankees just learned of the injury recently.

Bird informed the Yankees that there was some discomfort after the season and the team sent him to see Dr. Ahmad, the team physician, and Dr. David Altchek and both doctors suggested a rehab program for the first baseman rather than surgery. The problem flared up again in the last week to ten days after Bird started working out again for the 2016 season and surgery was now recommended from Dr. Ahmad.

Bird will miss the entire 2016 season. Mark Teixeira is in place for the 2016 season at first base but we all know his injury history and such so we now sit and hold our breathe for the remainder of the 2016 season.

Get well soon Greg!

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