Monday, February 1, 2016

Welcome to Prospects Month 2016

Welcome ladies and gentleman to this thing we like to call Prospects Month here on the blog. Every February with the exception of when the site was in its infancy back in 2012 we have hosted Prospects Month here on the blog and 2016 will be no different. Well it will be different, no other site that isn’t just prospects sets aside an entire month just for the up-and-comers and we like to do things differently every single season. One season we went hard on the interviews bringing you a different interview with a different Yankees prospect every single day while another year we focused on the upcoming drafts prospects since the Yankees had three first round picks that season. This year what’s on the agenda? Honestly, I have no idea. I haven’t been working on this month for two months prior and I am going to wing it and fly by the seat of my pants.

I think the best content comes naturally and unscripted anyway so I hope you come on this journey with us that we call Prospects Month and I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to check in all day and every day this month to learn about your favorite Yankees prospects and maybe even learn a thing or two that you didn’t know about them. There is an absolute ton of talent down on the Yankees farm that does not get nearly enough attention. We look to right that wrong in the next 29 days and we hope you enjoy reading what we have to bring to you.

So here we go, Prospects Month 2016. Prospects Month v.4. Prospects Month on TGP. Let’s go!!!

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