Saturday, February 20, 2016

TGP Prospects Night featuring Jacob Lindgren

Jacob Lindgren was deemed the forgotten one early on in the offseason by myself and this blog but it seems like suddenly the rest of the blogopshere is beginning to catch up. Everywhere we are starting to read about Lindgren, his bone spur surgery in his left elbow and how he is going to attempt to make the Yankees bullpen out of spring training this season. I said all these things months ago but now it's popular so now it's okay, I get it. I like to be different and I like to be original and I'm truly glad people are giving Jacob the attention he deserves. Good for him, truly!

Lingo Lightning is what we called him on Twitter last season and Lingo Lightning is set to make the Yankees bullpen this spring, write it down. Now seems like a good of a time as any to get to know the Yankees top pick in the 2014 MLB Draft. Watch the video, support the blog and get to know the next big thing in the Yankees bullpen. 

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