Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2016 Yankees Recreate "Step Brothers" Scene w/ Didi and Starlin

Starlin Castro and Didi Gregorius... step brothers... and best friends? Click the video and find out!


  1. To bad you can't really understand them. They need to put Closed Captioning across the screen lol.

  2. Donald Trump was at Bethpage, NY.....Right up the road from me.

    * Yes, I know there are 160 more games to play, and tonight they may hold
    on to a seven run lead. So lets tack this on here, while we can.

    Donald Trump is at the old Grumman Aviation plant tonight.

    Grumman made the fighter planes that turned the tide in WW11.
    My father-in-law put in thirty years there.
    We are blue collar here on Long Island, and intelligent.

    Part of Grumman has since been converted into a movie studio.

    Tonight, ten thousand attended peacefully, while one hundred protested.
    The filth screamed, cursed, lied, and had no idea....all the while having orgasims.
    At the end, the ten thousand left peacefully, while the now 50-60 or so, now protesting, are baiting them with their hate. ( Try doing this at a Clinton rally )

    Who got all the attention by the media ? The illegals, and the morons.
    ie:..." the police should keep those fascists in line !"

    I would have ran a bulldozer at all of them, with no brakes.

    Free speech is a two way street. Deal with it.

    1. Why are we taking politics here?

    2. Bryan why do radio sports shows dabble in politics or entertainment not related to sports? Simple there are more things that are happening in this world other than sports. The bottom line is sometimes a change of pace is needed. I have no problem with Patrick stating his political beliefs. I know Burch has said some political beliefs so why didn't you bring it up when he makes political comments? Why are you singling out Patrick? Seems hypercritical to me.

    3. Good comment Patrick, it does fit the times and is something the Lib's have never bothered to live up to..."the ends justify the means" as far as they are concerned! So, they lie and cheat and don't like voter identification because even when they have more votes then live in a district, they don't bat an eye.

    4. BRYAN....Why Politics ?

      From 5:40 PM, until 10:40 last evening when I posted, this site sat silent. Five hours of open air. It was my turn.

      Read my words again, they give you an historical perspective of
      my island, and an overview of its current events last evening.

      I would suspect you disagree with the bulldozer part ? Is so don't
      stand in front of it.

      Thank you, Mr. Hans, for your open mindedness.

  3. Bryan,

    We've always kind of given anyone and everyone here the freedom to do whatever as long as it didn't step out of line. I've talked politics on a slow night as Hans pointed out.

  4. Well, gosh... I'm sorry for asking a question. I didn't agree or disagree with what was said, I simply asked about discussing it on this site. A site that I'm a little part of. So forgive me... Please.

    You want me to "stand in front"? Ok..

    I think Trump is a piece of racist and bigoted garbage. And it's ridiculous that when I or anyone else expresses similar sentiments they get called names that are meant as degrading. How about some of you grow up and have a discussion without lowering yourself to name-calling? Oh, wait... Because that's exactly what Trump himself does.

    1. Come on Bryan, Ted is my man but I will have to vote for whoever runs for the Republican Party. Anyone is better than a Socialist!
      One must take what one sees and hears in the news with common sense. None of the news is even 50% true, they will trash any Republican with lies and half truths.

  5. POOR MALIGNED BRYAN...........
    Nice job with the name calling. You fit the template.

    When you 'stand in front of it', bring all the unvetted muslims, and
    all the other illegals that you can put your arms around, with you.

    You seem like a Bernie guy ? I would bet that if I posted praising
    words about Bernie last night, that you never would have commented ? jumped into this. Welcome to the jungle.
    Again, nice job with the name calling. So typical.

    1. "Jungle"? Lol, get over yourself.

      Exactly why political talk on this, a Yankees blog, is silly.

      But by all means.. Go ahead.

    2. VAN DUSEN....Go read your prior post, and then tell me who's
      doing all the political talking. Template.

      Yeah, I suppose 'jungle' was a poor choice of wording.
      In your case....'reality' stands more correct.

    3. need to stomp your feet.
      Just a conversation between two, in the middle of a quiet
      Hope you didn't get an SOS call.

  6. No SOS and no feet stomping. I don't stomp my feet.

  7. Well, people...mommy alway told me never discuss religion or politics.
    We do have many people on this site that have more intelligence than the average site. So let me ask; "can we keep it civil"?
    Me I am and have been for Ted but it looks as though Trump will win. So that means I will have to vote for Trump to beat the Liberal, I have no choice! We can't make it through another 4 years of Mister O'Bama and a continuation of his "Colonial Socialism"...which will be carried on with any of the Socialist for the other side! Anyone that is for any republican other than the winner of the primary will have to just "buck up" and look at the big picture. Anyone is better than what they have to offer unless you like losing jobs and freedoms.

  8. Now back to the Yankees, shall we?


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