Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Would Emilio Bonifacio Be Better Than Ronald Torreyes?

The New York Yankees made the very unpopular decision to send Robert Refsnyder back down to minor league camp this spring in order to give Ronald Torreyes the final bench spot on the club. The fans for the most part were not happy about the demotion but at this point it's all under the bridge, Refsnyder will spend Opening Day in Scranton while Torreyes spent Opening Day in the Bronx. How long will Torreyes be in the Bronx though? Brian Cashman has already said he plans on using the last bench spot as a revolving door much like he used the last bullpen slot as a similar door last season and a new option may have hit the free agency market recently. The Atlanta Braves released Emilio Bonifacio, should the Yankees be paying attention?

Bonifacio signed a one-year deal with the Braves this winter for $1.25 million and despite the contract Bonifacio could not break camp with Atlanta. Bonifacio is a useful piece, even with a declining bat, because he played second base, third base, shortstop and all three outfield positions as recently as the 2015 season. Would he be an upgrade over Torreyes?

Torreyes seems like he could hit .280 in a small sample size and has nice defense and speed while Bonifacio, in a much larger sample size with the Chicago White Sox over the last three seasons, has slashed .243/.291/.325 in 969 plate appearances. This is very much the case of what could be vs. what used to be. Torreyes is still young, 23-years old to be exact, while Bonifacio is in obvious decline at just 30-years old. Bonifacio would be nice to have on the defensive side of things but if you're looking for the total package the Yankees may have gotten it right this time, keep Torreyes.

Now if Bonifacio wants a minor league deal then that's an entirely different story altogether.

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  1. He's more versatile, which is nice. But he's not needed for the outfield, as we have plenty of depth there. And with Refsnyder ready to come up at any moment, there's no need for his ability to play 2nd or 3rd. Castro could move over to SS if necessary, with Ref at 2nd.

    So this is any easy "pass".


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