Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekly Check In: The Revolving Door & Luis Torrens

We've checked in with seven prospects already this week but you know what, seven is not enough. Not nearly enough when you look at all the talent that this team has down on the farm so every Sunday we will also use a revolving door post for these Yankees prospects. We've already seen many of the Yankees top prospects in these check in posts and we will use this revolving door to check in with prospects who may be a bit farther away from their MLB debut's and/or prospects who are coming back from major injuries. We will check in with the latter this evening as we check in with catching prospect Luis Torrens.

Torrens missed the entire 2015 minor league season after having a very major shoulder surgery last winter. Torrens was once thought to be the Yankees top catching prospect, higher than Gary Sanchez and higher than John Ryan Murphy, and many wondered if he would be the same after the shoulder surgery. You have to remember that you just don't need a shoulder to hit, although it helps, as Torrens also needs to throw the ball back to the pitcher 150+ times per game. That doesn't sound like a lot but over the case of over 100 games a season of throwing the ball back to the pitcher 150+ times on top of controlling the running game and hitting and the work could be taking its toll.

The only way to find out is to check in with the catcher when the season starts. Good luck Luis!

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