Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Case For and Against Trading Andrew Miller

The question on everyone’s mind from now until August 31st will likely be will the Yankees rebuild and sell off their spare pieces or will they make additions for one more run at a Wild Card. If the Yankees prefer to go with the former and not the latter while committing to a rebuild one of the most attractive pieces on the team right now is Andrew Miller. Miller has proven to be effective in the 8th and the 9th inning, proven to be a warrior pitching through a fractured wrist and proven to be a team first player that every team wants so here are the pros and cons for the Yankees trading him this summer.

The case for trading Andrew Miller:

He is on a team friendly contract that has multiple years of team control after the 2016 season. He would fetch an absolute ton in a trade (all things considered). 

Teams are always looking for bullpen help at the deadline and would be more willing to overpay for a guy like Miller with team control left. 

Once again this allows the team to commit to a full blown rebuild rather than this rebuild on the fly stuff. 

This clears a spot for Jacob Lindgren if he can ever get healthy and back to the Major Leagues. 

The case against trading Andrew Miller:

If the team has plans of making a second half run or competing in 2017 and beyond Miller is a great piece to have around. 

Miller has went above and beyond the expectations of being a Yankee both on and off the field. Trading him kind of makes the team look like the jerks in this one. 

Trading Miller breaks up the super bullpen. 

Trading Miller makes a lot of sense for a rebuilding team but it doesn’t make sense for a competing team and a team that is worried about team chemistry. The Yankees have to make the decision which team they are not only this season but next season as well before trading away anyone, especially a valuable commodity like Andrew Miller. 

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