Thursday, August 18, 2016

So Hal Actually Listens To Us?

2016 was supposed to be a really bright year for the Yankees, In the 2015-16 offseason they acquired 2B Starlin Castro from the Chicago Cubs for RP Adam Warren and SS Brendan Ryan (Yea, remember him?) Then, another move that they made this past offseason was acquiring CP Aroldis Chapman from the Reds for a load of mid-level prospects. Many analysts predicted the Yankees to win the AL East but oh did they fall far from that prediction.

By July 1, 2016 the Yankees had a poor record of 39-40 and fans were begging Hal to sell off the team to give us a haul of prospects that we can use for future years in which we would actually be able to contend. Hal listened to us! He traded Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs for the Yankees new #2 prospect Gleyber Torres, OF Billy McKinney, along with one other prospect. Then the next big move was trading RP Andrew Miller to the Indians for the Yankees current #1 prospect Clint Frazier along with LHP Justus Sheffield who has been killing it in the minor leagues ever since joining the Yanks. Then on August 1, the day of the deadline he send Beltran to Texas for Dillon Tate and then somehow traded Ivan Nova to Pittsburgh for 2 PTBNL.... We were all pretty content with the moves that Hal approved Yankees GM Brian Cashman to make--But where did Hal get this crazy idea from???

So did Hal actually take our opinion into account while making his decision at the deadline to sell of the team or not? According to the New York Post he did exactly that, “We’ve been following these guys for three years, all the ups and downs and the progressions,” Steinbrenner said. “My goodness, the hope that you have. Then when you come up and see [Gary] Sanchez, the last two weeks, what he’s doing. And then Saturday … it would be hard as managing general partner to not be emotional about something like that.”…
Selling off veterans midseason broke a long precedent for the Yankees, and Steinbrenner admitted, “I think it’s kind of in my DNA to absolutely not trade anybody at the deadline. If anything, we’re normally buyers, right? Last year we did nothing. So I had to overcome a little bit of DNA issues, I think.” He overcame them thanks to views of social media, where Yankees fans strongly supported the reboot. Steinbrenner also recalled a sponsor’s event before a spring-training game in Tampa when a slew of fans delighted in meeting injured first baseman Greg Bird, who shined in his debut last year and should play in the Arizona Fall League."

There ya have it! Hal Steinbrenner actually listens to us on Twitter so here is what we have to do, Everyone talk on Twitter about how McCann should be traded to the Braves so then maybe Hal will fulfill our wishes!

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