Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why the AL Should Fear the New York Yankees

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The American League should be shaking in their boots right now because the New York Yankees are the train and the rest of the league are standing on the tracks right now. Now before I start this post I want to preface this with the fact that I do not believe the Yankees will win the World Series and sweep through everyone like they did in years like 1998 for example but what I will say is that New York may be the most dangerous team right now, the hottest team right now and the team who is best built for a one-game playoff game. Here’s why I think that.

The Yankees may have had a blessing in disguise when they decided to sell off pieces at the August 1st trade deadline because the youth has taken over in the Bronx. There are a few reasons why youth is important at this stage in the game for New York. First and foremost you would have to think that most veteran teams are starting to feel the wear and tear of a 162-game schedule and are starting to slow down or at the very least are starting to need a day off here or there. Do you think Gary Sanchez, Tyler Austin, Rob Refsnyder, Aaron Judge and crew need or necessarily want days off at this point? I don’t. You think Luis Severino is okay with pitching once a week? I don’t

Secondly I don’t believe the Yankees youth knows that they are supposed to be nervous and such right now. Many of the Yankees minor league affiliates have either played for or won a minor league championship in recent years and this playoff push is nothing new to this young core. They are used to winning, they were brought up to win and dammit when they need a win, they get a win. This team is too ignorant, and if you know the definition of the word you know I mean no malcontent when I say that, to be scared, nervous or worried about winning and losing. They are simply going out there and playing the game like it’s supposed to be played and they are doing damn good at it too.

The offense is back, Masahiro Tanaka hasn’t pitched this well since coming over from Japan, the bullpen is once again being pieced together and the team just simply refuses to lose. Joe Girardi has finally woken up and decided he wants to play the youth and the maybe the most exciting part of all this is that more reinforcements could be on the way. Triple-A’s Governors Cup will be handed out soon, the Double-A playoffs will soon be over and more talent could be on the way to the Bronx. You never know.

This may be one of the most dangerous teams heading into the postseason in 2016 assuming they make it, I truly believe that in my heart of hearts. The American League better do everything they can to keep this team out of October baseball because if they don’t they may end up fearing this team before it’s all said and done. Excitement has returned to the Bronx and it’s a hell of a feeling. 


  1. To the guys holding the signs let not get carried away just yet. His inability to draft has put us behind the 8 ball and only recently has there been any sign of decent talent. Again Sanchez was an international signing not a drafted player. I think he did well in his recent trades, however I am not ready to anoint him as Theo Epstein or Dave Dombrowski just yet.

    1. I don't disagree with much of you stated Ken H!
      I think from the end of the WS until the beginning of 2017 season, will tell us where he stands. He has made many changes with the talent on his staff for all drafting and development.
      Now if he is not shut down again, as he was after the International FA Draft last year.
      I will never say he is one of the top GMs but again, I say he is good and much better than some think. We all agree he has had upper management with their fingers in the pie constantly.
      GM's such as Dombrowski or Epstein have had the good luck to owners giving them their head...until the hammer fell on them to stop spending so much, at which time they quit and found another team that let them do whatever they wanted. Just about like the Yankees use to do.

      Next two years, starting next year will tell the story...I think!
      I could be wrong about Cashman but don't think so, he is a tough guy and the reason he has held on in NY is his love for the Team, not the money he could get elsewhere!
      I like him, he isn't a quitter, he is a fighter!

  2. Daniel...
    I believe you are a year or so ahead of time with your wishful thinking Daniel!
    That being said, I think your opinion of the team is right on the button. These kids want to stay up here and are playing for a job next year.
    The enthusiasm and all-out play are contagious and they do have some talents along with youthful exuberance to set the league on fire!


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