Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hell YES I Want Andrew McCutchen

Everyone around Yankee-land is asking the same question right now if you're a fan, if the Pittsburgh Pirates make Andrew McCutchen available do you think New York should go for him? Well I can only speak for myself but if you're asking me my answer is simple. Hell YES I want Andrew McCutchen.

Obviously a move would have to be made to accommodate McCutchen joining the crew in the Bronx whether it be an Aaron Judge move, maybe in the trade for McCutchen, or a Brett Gardner trade this offseason but some things needs to be done before the deal becomes realistic. The deal makes a lot of sense for the Yankees though despite his stat line from 2016.

McCutchen has one more year at $14 million while the team owns a team option for him for the 2018 season worth $14.8 million and while McCutchen was hitting .313/.404/.533 with 25 home runs from 2012 - 2015 that was an absolute bargain but Pittsburgh did not get their monies worth after Cutch dropped to .256/.336/.430 with 24 home runs this season. This, among other reasons, is why Pittsburgh may decide to trade McCutchen this winter but why would the Yankees want him?

McCutchen will be 30-years old this month and by all accounts is still a star in this league. Players have down seasons for whatever reasons, injuries being one of them,and it's not uncommon to see it happen like it did with McCutchen this season. His stolen bases were down but his power was up. His walk totals were good and many of his stats were comparable to his 2012 - 2015 run meaning he could be in line for a bounce back in 2017.

That's also why the Pirates likely won't trade him despite what all these bloggers and news outlets are speculating. Pittsburgh doesn't HAVE to trade him. Austin Meadows is on the way and he can play right field while McCutchen plays left. If Pittsburgh moves McCutchen it will be for at least two top prospects or a crap load of talented bodies and it will be more than the Yankees are comfortable with so while everyone is getting ready to pre-order their Andrew McCutchen Yankees jersey as we speak I am thinking that may be a bit premature, maybe even a pipe dream.


  1. McCutchen.

    You write such wonderful words describing a players resume, and why
    he should be on the center of the Yankees Doppler Radar.

    And then in the last sentence, you dismiss all that you wrote, because
    it will never happen.
    DUH? Silly, don't you think ?

    A often occurrence.

  2. Would you rather me blow smoke up your ass or be realistic and honest with you? He would be a great addition to any team. It's just not realistic that the Pirates trade him.

    1. Daniel....You can respond to me me any way you wish.

      That last one sucked, and was stupid.

      Again...the player this time is great, but it's not ever going to happen. So...what's the point ?

      Blow your smoke somewhere else.

    2. I'm just saying that's how I decided to write it. In the offseason there is a lot of Devil's advocate being played. I would just rather show both sides, why he makes sense and why doesn't, rather than sling just one side of the argument to everyone reading and consider it gold just because I said it.

    3. This is why Burch I always called you a fence phucker. You can't play both sides of the fence. Take a stand which is rationale and not one made up of jelly beans and crackerjacks. Sorry for the curse word so i changed the letters around to keep it R rated.


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