Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What About Steve Pearce?

So the New York Yankees just acquired Zack Greinke, I’m calling it so go ahead and just play along with me, so now the team is going to have to get creative and get a bit frugal to fill out the roster. The team needs versatility, and they need it cheap which brings me to the idea of adding Steve Pearce to the fold for the 2017 season.

Steve Pearce knows the American League East and knows the pitching after spending time with the Baltimore Orioles and he knows how to simply mash the baseball. Pearce would add some right-handed pop to the middle of the Yankees lineup while also adding a ton of versatility in the field. Pearce can handle third base, hello Chase Headley backup and potential replacement if he were traded this offseason, first base, hello Greg Bird insurance card, second base, because every offseason Starlin Castro’s name will come up in trade rumors, and has even dabbled in some outfield from time to time throughout his career. Aaron Judge, I’m looking at you here bud.

The Yankees have already made it clear that Chase Headley and/or Brett Gardner could be traded this winter and if the Yankees need a talented infielder to replace the former then Pearce may be their man. Headley is solid defensively but he adds very little unfortunately in the offensive categories, especially in the power department, and could be easily upgraded on with Pearce in my opinion. Would Pearce be the number one choice if I were the Yankees GM? No, surely not. Todd Frazier of the Chicago White Sox would be or even Ian Kinsler would fit the mold but those players are going to cost more than I am probably comfortable giving up if I’m being honest while Pearce could be had for relatively cheap in terms of years and dollars.

One must remember that throwing money at the problem just doesn’t work anymore in this day and age. You have to plan for not only one injury but a slew of injuries and you have to do it all six months in advanced. It’s hard, maybe one of the hardest jobs in the game, but having players like Pearce who are cheap and versatile surely makes that job a whole lot easier. Pearce may even open up the potential for a Robert Refsnyder or Ronald Torreyes trade. Hey, you never know. Stay tuned.


  1. NOTHING SEXY...about Steve Pearce. Save your money.
    33 years old.
    Hits from the right...bad in the Bronx.
    In parts of 10 years in MLB, he has hit 66 HR.
    Combined 10 year batting average... .254.
    Again, not exciting.

  2. Agree, not exciting. How many exciting pieces do you see across MLB on the bench though? If he's your third baseman, then yes you probably want a little more but if that's the case then I pose the same question to you. What has Headley done to excite anyone lately?

    Since his breakout season in San Diego. His defense is nice aside from 2015 but his bat leaves much to be desired.


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