Monday, February 20, 2017

Rob Refsnyder the Third Baseman?

Hey guys, remember like just last year when I said that the New York Yankees should try Robert Refsnyder out at third base? Well this was originally stated before the Yankees acquired Starlin Castro and before Chase Headley had yet another down season at third base in 2016. So here I am once again putting the most obvious of situations down on paper because apparently the New York Yankees organization cannot see it themselves. So here it is, as slow as I can type it, one last time for you. The Yankees need a third baseman of the future and a third baseman for the now and that third baseman should be Robert Refsnyder.

Some will say that the Yankees aren’t high on Refsnyder or that they don’t trust his defense but those same people are ignoring the fact that the team called him up not once, but twice during the 2015 season while keeping him in the show for much of the 2016 season. The second call-up also resulted in him starting at second base in the AL Wild Card Playoff Round against the Houston Astros, an eventual 3-0 loss to Dallas Keuchel. The bat looked like it could stick, albeit in a short sample size, as he batted .355 in September and .302 overall in both call-ups while his defense looked to be adequate. Refsnyder got to the balls he was supposed to and he made the plays he was supposed to, anyone who doesn’t think that’s sufficient at 25-years old and with just two years of experience at second base professionally should just turn in their Derek Jeter jersey’s now.

The possibility of Refsnyder learning and playing the third base position is still up in the air. Brian Cashman seems adamant that the team will keep him at second base only while Refsnyder is said to be open to the idea. Then again Refsnyder is “up for anything” as long as it means he is sticking with the MLB squad. We already know that Starlin will be playing some third base this spring but keep your eyes out for Refsnyder, if he starts playing third base some then you know the plan is in motion. The plan I originally set forward and the plan Joel Sherman will once again get all the credit for. And that’s okay.


  1. I like Refsy as much or more than most fans do and have wanted him to play but, unless he can out hit Castro (he can, I think) there is no place for him.

    The way it looks is, they want Didi@SS, Gleyber@2nd which leaves 3rd base the only place open for him or Castro. Then we get into another situation!
    Miguel Andujar is also on the Horizon for 3rd base.

    Bottom line: Refsy has a long way to go, against the odds! Good luck!

    1. Castro has power and pop but not much else. He's another .250 hitter, and don't get me wrong... I like Castro. Just calling a spade a spade.

      Refsnyder is more of a line drive hitter. Two different types of hitters I guess. We just can't give Ref a long enough shot to see what kind of hitter he truly is at the MLB level.

  2. I said it last year and I will say it again this year for those that missed it. Refs is a better pure hitter and more disciplined at the plate than Castro. Reed could K Castro. Their D at 2nd base is somewhat compatible of each other. Castro is more polished in IF but I would take RR over him everyday of the year and twice on Sunday. The King of the Dumpster dive expects to high of a return on guys like Gardner and Castro and Headley. What the hell is he thinking here? These guys are not stars and they don't warrant the return he wants back. I know Hal the Coupon Clipper wont get rid of the elf but maybe an implosion by the Yanks would make Coupon Clipper rethink resigning him and the binder. I would take a 65 win season to get rid of both guys. They aren't making the playoffs anyway. Lets dump both and get a better draft choice and a real GM that can compete against Dave Dombrowksi who has kicked the elf's ass the last 10 plus years on trades

    1. In the day, Castro would be easy to get out, he has no idea what he is going to do at the plate. Throw inside once (high) and then low on the black/away. Everyone knows that is his handy cap...just don't miss on the plate.
      You are right about Castro and Refsy!


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