Tuesday, February 21, 2017

So it Seems the Winds of Change Have Arrived

So it seems like the winds of change have arrived and they are blowing their winds like there is no tomorrow. I know that the only constant in this world is change and I know that change can be good but sometimes I am reluctant to the fact. Sometimes you get your “normal” and you get comfortable, even if it’s an incredibly unhealthy normal and comfort that you’re dealing with, and you just don’t like to get out of that routine. You stay in this rut for a long, long time until someone or something pulls you out of it, slaps you across the face and says “wake up!”

It’s a lot like the Major League Baseball offseason. The season ends and the playoffs begin, which is fun until the World Series concludes. Well not long after the World Series ends you get out of playoff baseball mode and you switch into offseason mode. Qualifying offers, free agent contracts and trade rumors swirl around and you have a new normal until all the major free agents are off the board and most everyone has their teams set. Then you get a new normal, the normal that has you scouring the internet for any source of news or information before you realize that there simply isn’t any to be had. You downshift, your new normal. But as we inch closer to the season it’s time for a new normal. Players are in spring training camps, the World Baseball Classic is just around the corner and so is the 2017 regular season.

As I sit here this morning on this Tuesday morning reflecting on my life and where I’ve been over the past two-to-three months I finally see that change is good. Change brings change and change is for the better sometimes, sometimes you just need someone to walk up and rock your world to make you see it.

Change, it is coming. Have a great Tuesday everyone. 

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  1. Change for changes sake is not always a good thing. I have a little thing on my office wall that makes a lot of since..."Adapt & Improvise".
    Live and think outside the box and that is what is missing from the Yankee front Office people...bookkeepers are bookkeepers, not GMs' or Managers!
    OK, to rant a bit on the lite side, right?


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