Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Randy Levine Rant You All Knew Was Coming

If you’ve ever read one of my articles you would very likely know that I do not care for Randy Levine in any way, shape or form. I am not one to mince words, sugar coat my feelings or equivocate. I absolutely cannot stand that curly headed, arrogant, ignorant and moronic waste of freaking human flesh and the day he disappears and rides off into the sunset is the day the New York Yankees can return to the greatness that they once held in such high esteem. Yeah I don’t like the guy and I especially don’t like the guy after the entire Dellin Betances and New York going through arbitration thing. You knew this rant was coming and I intentionally waited to cool down for a few days before I did, mainly to keep the site at “PG-13” as I can, but I can’t keep it bottled up inside me any longer. Randy Levine better be hiding under his desk because I’m coming for him.

First, the quote. Levine stated that Dellin Betances, one of the best relievers in all of Major League Baseball and the man who turned down less money to give the Yankees some financial wiggle room just last season, and his request for $5 million through arbitration were “over-the top” and”based on very little sense of reality.” Betances then told reporters that he was taken into a room and “trashed for an hour and a half” by Levine and company for asking for “closer money” when he is just a set-up man.

If Dellin decides to walk after his current contract is up, and who the hell could blame him at this point, I am going to absolutely riot outside of Yankee Stadium and I won’t stop until Levine is relieved of his duties, effective immediately. Levine is a joke of a person and he’s even more of a joke of a President of Baseball Operations.

Quit, Randy. Quit talking, quit showing up to work every day and ruining what used to be the most honorable, recognizable and prestigious franchise in not only Major League Baseball but the world and just quit life if you can’t do any better than what you’re doing. We’re sick of it, I’m effing sick of it and I’m sick of you. Quit, but first… apologize. 


  1. Join the club Daniel, it has been about 10+ years that I have been Trashing the "Tampa Cabal" and Randy, as he is a big time leader among them. Not that I am alone in this opinion of him.

  2. Randy Levine is nothing more than a buffoon that probably got his ass whipped every day in school. What he did was nothing more than a chest pounding session. Some people have to do that to make their self feel better. The fact is this, Dellin is a good kid, and from what I've heard, a great teammate. Do I believe he has a bad agent? Yeah, I do. I've never heard of an agent telling his player to turn down a raise because it will help in arbitration. The raise they were looking for was unprecedented. MLBTraderumors has a pretty accurate projection, and they had Dellin pegged for $3.4 million. That sounds a little more reasonable. Going from league minimum to $5 million does not. I'm not saying he's not producing like a $5 million reliever, I'm just saying that's not the way the system works.

  3. I have never been a fan of Randy Levine. If he is good for the organization, it is in ways that are invisible to us as fans. I don't see his value. He may have a law degree, but so do Lonn Trost and Jean Afterman. What's more absurd with his comments is that he is a labor attorney. It makes his ineptitude that much more startling. I think all of us agree that Dellin is worth more than $3 million, but as Jeff indicated above, that's not the way the system works. The system will work for Dellin if he continues to perform. He'll get his money, but I am in 100% agreement that he deserves an apology from Levine first and foremost.

  4. First off Levine is a schmuck, second I believe this will get worked out in a contract extension buying his remaining years of arbitration out. Third if he gets ready to walk and no contract is in place before he hits the FA market I am sure that the elf will trade him


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