Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So it Seems Life Will Get Busy Again Soon

Boys and girls life is about to get busy for me again so I wanted to take the time now to let you know what exactly was going on. My son, Evan, graduates from first grade this morning and after that I am off to the dealership AGAIN with my car. Thank goodness for warranties but dammit man, fix it right the first time. Anyway, I digress.

The first month of June I will be starting a new position at work. I have been training for this position a couple hours a day or a few hours a week for a while now in hopes of getting this position once a new production line enters our plant. It is office work so it’s not hard and I know I can do it but I just worry about how much time I will have for writing during that week I am doing the job. As you may or may not know I do most of my writing while at work because I could do, and have done, my job with my eyes closed and asleep. This new job though is very tedious and it is very important because one extra or one less numerical typographical error and I could shut us down for a month. Yeah, it’s serious.

I’m nervous but I am cautiously optimistic as well. I want something new and I am burned out in my current position but also that is a lot of pressure and stress. I’m just a worrier, I’ll get it and I’ll be great at it. I just have to prove it to myself first before I truly believe it.

So if I go quiet, and I will do my best not to of course, that is why. Have no fear though as I will be back. I always come back and we are always okay. No matter what. Have a great day everyone, especially you. Hey you. I’m about to give you 69 reasons to stick by my side. 


  1. Daniel,
    Take on freelance writers to keep blog going. Have them email you an article and submit it if you feel it's worthy. As a retired die hard Yankee fan I'll write articles once a day to keep the thread going. Let me know and I'll send you my email info.

    1. I've cast a net a few times, I rarely get bites. I can try again.

    2. And if you're interested then shoot me an email. DanielBurch1102 at yahoo (dot) com


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