Friday, June 9, 2017

Peter Gammons Says Yankees Will Land Bryce Harper

And water is STILL wet and the sky is, you guessed it, STILL blue.

MLB Insider Peter Gammons was talking about Bryce Harper and his potential landing spots when he hits free agency after the 2018 season and two teams were specifically named, the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees. Gammons, who gave an interview to Rich Eisen on his show, was quoted as saying the following about the possibility of Harper going to the Cubs:

"That was very simplified; it was a Reader's Digest version of the interview," Gammons said Monday on the "Rich Eisen Show." "The interview was about Kris Bryant. ... [Harper] and Bryant grew up in Las Vegas so they know one another, they're both great guys. And people say 'Well, he would love to play for the Cubs,' but I said they're not going to be able to afford both guys, so probably it'll never happen. But somehow that went into I said he wanted to play for the [Cubs]."

Then Gammons speculated where he thought Harper would ultimately land since the Cubs couldn’t “afford” Harper:

"If I were to guess one place, it would be the Yankees," Gammons said. "Because they're going to have so much money to spend at the time he's out there. And there's no doubt in my mind that Bryce could take the pressure of playing in New York. I mean, this guy was on the cover of Sports Illustrated at 16, was made out to be a divisive figure by the time he would have been a freshman in college--which, he wasn't a divisive figure, but that's the image, because he's brash.

"But I think that he can handle New York, and I think that they would pay huge money. And by the time he would get there ... I think two years from now when Gleyber Torres is there and a couple more kids come along, I think they're going to be an absolute monster powerhouse for years. And add Harper to that, it could really be something. It's a great investment because they could own the city, and we know that all the television ratings and attendance go with it. I think it would be a great pick." 

Why share this? It is Peter Gammons, why not? When he is wrong it makes it all the more sweeter to say I told you so. Even though, obviously, this time I hope the blind squirrel finally finds a nut. 


  1. As you know, I'm a very impatient man. So it's killing me knowing the future is so freakin' bright, but having to wait for it to come.

    I've said it before, but it helps to write it down...

    CF-Hicks/Ellsbury (only part that hurts, but I don't see the Yanks getting rid of Jacoby)

    Notice something? A name missing? Yeah, I think Frazier is dealt for an arm.

    1. I mean, the go to player in discussion is jose Quintana. he's currently 2-7 with a 5.30 ERA and -0.2 WAR. FIP of 4.19, which is the bottom quarter of eligible pitchers.

      You'd be giving up prospects as if he's a 3.00 ERA pitcher, when he's not performing.

      the same goes with gerrit cole. 4.80+ ERA with a 4.61 FIP.

      I don't want to dump tons of prospects on either of these guys as if they are aces, when they are currently performing like a #5 pitchers.


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