Friday, June 9, 2017

Yankees Mock Draft 2017

2017 Highlights from D.L. Hall

We are less than one week away from the June Major League Baseball First Year Players Draft and teams are still presumably scrambling trying to finalize their decisions on their first round picks and beyond. Who will the Yankees choose in the first round on June 12th? I’m not sure but Baseball America,’s Jim Callis and Keith Law from ESPN both took a crack at it with their annual mock drafts and here are their results.

John Manuel over at Baseball American has the Yankees taking left-handed pitcher David Peterson out of the University of Oregon. Peterson is the big build pitcher that the Yankees have seemingly fallen in love with standing at 6’6” and 240 lbs. Like most tall pitchers Peterson struggles with his command at times but he has a fastball that can touch 95 MPH when he needs it to.

Keith Law of ESPN has the Yankees selecting first baseman Nick Pratto out of Huntington Beach High School in Huntington Beach, California. Pratto is a left-handed hitter, insert swing made for Yankee Stadium line here, and may be the best pure hitter of any of the high school players in the draft this season. Law also mentioned LHP Trevor Rogers out of Carlsbad High School in New Mexico and left-handed pitcher D.L. Hall from Valdosta High School in Georgia. Many think Hall could be a Top 5 pick but makeup concerns may cause him to fall giving the Yankees an opportunity to snag another great player like they did with Blake Rutherford last season.

Finally we have's Jim Callis who has the Yankees taking outfielder Austin Beck from North Davidson High School out of North Carolina. Callis does state that it is likely that Beck will go 8th to the Philadelphia Phillies but if he were to fall that far the Yankees would undoubtedly take him there. If Beck isn't there then Callis mentioned outfielder Bubba Thompson from McGill-Toolen High School in Alabama as a potential Plan B. 

Me personally? I want D.L. Hall. I can see Hall, as I stated above, being another Blake Rutherford. A steal. Let's hope he falls that far, stay tuned Monday to find out.


  1. Not sure that we need a Bubba in the Bronx. I keep hearing Pratto's name. We seem to like Californians. I've heard great things about Trevor Rogers too. It will be interesting to see who they select. I am sure that all of us will rally around whomever is picked.

  2. Need Hall or Beck to drop and that would be a great pick.


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