Thursday, July 20, 2017

So it Seems… I Love You

So usually I try to tie these posts into some sort of Yankees related material before I express some personal information out there for all to see. Sometimes it’s in kode (not a typo) and sometimes it’s not but this morning as I write this I just don’t feel like being cryptic. I don’t feel like being creative. I feel like my heart is absolutely overflowing with emotion in the best possible way and I feel like I just need to get it out. So you know what? I love you.

I love who you are and I love how you make me the best person I can be. I love that you love me. I love that you stick by my side no matter what and I love how you’re so patient and understanding with me. Forever will never be long enough to spend with you my sweet, sweet Kari.

Thank you for being you. HEY YOU. 

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