Tuesday, August 22, 2017

So it Seems… Chapter Two

Chapter Two: The New Beginning

Good morning everyone and welcome back from the long weekend. We had a total solar eclipse in some areas of the world including my North Georgia area where I currently reside, more on that later, which would explain some of my quietness over the weekend. I had my big move over the weekend and everything went exceptionally well. I planned on having more done this weekend and more unpacked than I currently have but I was a bit distracted, you could say that anyway. The very best distractions though so there’s always that.

Anyway I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed seeing the eclipse in whatever capacity that they could and I hope that you can all read this right now. If you can’t then you probably stared at the eclipse with the wrong glasses on, or no glasses at all. Shame on you.

Oh and on that note the schools down here were going to give out glasses to all the students until they found out that those glasses had been recalled just a few days before the eclipse. That could have been really, really bad huh?

Enjoy your day and I love you all. Especially you. HEY YOU. I love you. 

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