Friday, August 25, 2017

So it Seems… Welcome to MLB Players Weekend

Good morning, Happy Friday and a warm welcome to the first ever MLB Players Weekend across Major League Baseball. As we discussed once on the blog the game will have a new, fresh and fun look to it this weekend as the players get to let their hair down a bit thanks to Commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred, Tony Clark and the MLB Players Association.

This weekend you will see new jerseys with nicknames on the back, yes even on the Yankees and Red Sox uniforms, and various different bats, batting gloves, spikes, arm and wrist bands and other forms of gear and accessories. No other sport is doing this so I am really excited to see how this goes over the weekend. I truly think the nicknames and such allow the players to show a bit of personality and a bit of themselves and that is never a bad thing for the players or for the fans.

This weekend will be a pretty uneventful one for me in my personal life unfortunately but that’s okay. It’s good to slow down and accomplish things you have been wanting or needing to accomplish every once in a while and that is the plan for this weekend.

Everyone enjoy your weekends and enjoy MLB Players Weekend. Especially you. HEY YOU. I love you. 

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