Friday, August 25, 2017

Five Yankees Related Movies for Your Upcoming Weekend

The weekend is coming and if you’re like me you’re just getting off of work. What will you do this weekend? Do you have any plans? If so, leave them below in the comments section. If not here are a few Yankees related movies that you could watch while waiting on the Yankees game. Or, you know, you could always come chat with us on Twitter by sending @GreedyStripes a tweet. That’s always an option as well. On to the movies!!

“The Babe” is obviously a movie about Babe Ruth, the Yankees legend, but this movie covers it all. His time with the Boston Red Sox, the purchase from the New York Yankees, his time with the Braves, etc. It’s definitely an interesting one to watch.

The Pride of the Yankees is a movie covering the life and playing career of Lou Gehrig. I’m sure everyone knew that by now but how can you not watch this movie if you see it on television? Also, how can you not get goosebumps when Gehrig “considers himself… the luckiest man…. On the face of this Earth?”

At one point this season when I listed my Top 10 favorite baseball related movies I caught flak for not including the Yankees-themed movie “61*” so you best believe I am including it here. This movie covers the single-season home run chase in 1961 by Roger Maris, who hits 61 passing Babe Ruth who hit 60 home runs in a single season in less games (hence the asterisk), and teammate Mickey Mantle. I absolutely love this movie and I love Barry Pepper as an actor so this one I have watched at least 50 – 100 times already in my lifetime.

Finally you have “The Scout” which has Brendan Fraser as a pitcher for the Yankees. This movie covers it all, not only the game on the field but Fraser adapting to life in the big city and life in the big leagues after not coming through the system in the traditional sort like most pitchers. This is a great movie and one of my absolute all-time favorites, check it out. It has George Costanza for crying out loud, how could it be bad?

Enjoy your weekend. 

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