Wednesday, September 20, 2017

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

Another week down and another week bites the dust. Pretty soon we won’t have these MLB power rankings to look at and pretty soon all we’ll have left is playoff baseball. Then nothing. Before we get too ahead of ourselves though let’s take one week at a time and look at the latest set of MLB Power Rankings brought to you by the USA Today.

The Cleveland Indians remained at the top spot this week, winning 22 games in a row will do that to a team I guess, while the Los Angeles Dodgers remained in unfamiliar waters at the second spot. The Houston Astros climbed a spot to the #3 position overall while the Washington Nationals relinquished that spot falling to the fourth position. Rounding out the Top Five we have the Arizona Diamondbacks who also occupied that spot on last week’s set of rankings.

This is a Yankees blog though so I know you came to see where the Yankees fell so let’s get to it. The Yankees have been hot as of late and are winning games at a steady pace which left the team at the 8th position overall, surprisingly one spot lower than they were last week. The Chicago Cubs are red hot though and they leapfrogged the Yankees this week so I guess I get that thought logic, even though the fan in me doesn’t necessarily agree with it. Oh well.

To round out the American League East the Boston Red Sox are 6th overall followed by the 17th overall Tampa Bay Rays, the 18th overall Baltimore Orioles who fell four spots and the Toronto Blue Jays who are 19th overall.

Oh and the San Francisco Giants still suck. Goodnight everyone.

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