Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Would the Blue Jays Trade Marcus Stroman to the Yankees?

The New York Yankees are taking care of business here in 2017 which is a surprise to many involved within the organization. It wasn’t a surprise to me, mind you, as I predicted the Yankees would win a Wild Card spot here in 2017 before the season began but I think even the most optimistic person in the world had the Yankees not making big noise until at least the 2018 season. With the 2018 season inching closer and closer to fruition and reality I wanted to begin the “Get Greedy” campaign a little early and ask the question of whether the Toronto Blue Jays would trade Marcus Stroman this offseason and would they be willing to trade him to the Yankees?

Let me start by saying that Stroman is one of those pitchers, like Sonny Gray, that you will have to and should be willing to break the bank for in terms of dollars and in terms of prospects. The Yankees still have a ton of minor league depth as we saw earlier in the day with’s Top 100 prospect list and Stroman is a guy that will command one or two of those prospects, and he’s worth it. Stroman is just 26-years old and would come to the Bronx not only AL East tested but playoff tested as well and neither of those elements you can put a price tag on or a stat with. We all know why it would make sense for the Yankees and you don’t need me to tell you why it would make sense for New York, but why would it make sense for Toronto?

Toronto has already come out and said that the team wants to start a youth movement like we have seen in the Bronx and the team has already begun that with the call ups of top prospects Teoscar Hernandez and Richard Urena. Trading Stroman to a team like the Yankees with such a strong farm system makes sense for obvious reasons, New York can part with prospects and the Yankees have good prospects. Toronto could also ask for more since Stroman would be staying within the division and if New York were smart, within reason of course, the team would pay it to acquire a talent like Stroman. It also doesn’t hurt that Stroman is a Medford, Long Island boy who would presumably love to make a homecoming out of this whole scenario.

Every once in a while a trade comes along that not only helps both clubs equally but it makes too much sense not to make it and this one screams that out to me. Call me bias, call me a homer and call me greedy, just get Stroman and don’t call me late to dinner. That’s my motto.

Get Greedy, Get Stroman and remember…. “Height Doesn’t Measure Heart.” #HDMH

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