Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Longer This Goes On The More Attractive Curtis Granderson Looks

I am the first person to admit when I am wrong or that I misjudged something, and the longer this thing goes on the more it looks like Curtis Granderson really is the only option for the New York Yankees this season. Now, I admit that I wrote a post detailing why the New York Yankees did not need Granderson, but keep in mind before flaming me or before accusing me that I am playing both sides and flipflopping that this was written while Judge was still on his original 3-week timetable, and not the unknown timetable that we are faced with today. It seems like Granderson may be more valuable to the Yankees than I originally thought, and here’s why.

The Yankees need an outfielder, period. I don’t trust Shane Robinson on the roster and I don’t trust him in the middle of a pennant race. Could the Yankees survive three weeks as originally planned with Robinson? Absolutely, but we could be looking at another three-to-four weeks for all we know, and the need for an outfielder has become more pressing. Granderson has cleared waivers and looks a lot more feasible for the Yankees than other outfielders that have cleared revocable waivers, including but not limited to Adam Jones and Andrew McCutchen. Why? Money.

Granderson is set to make roughly $1 million for the remainder of the season while both McCutchen and Jones will make roughly $4 million or a shade under for the remainder of the 2018 season. The Yankees reportedly have about $4 million to play with for the remainder of the season while remaining under the luxury tax threshold, something that is going to happen whether the fans think they are “not committed to winning” because of it or not. With Granderson acquired the Yankees would still have enough money on the books left to go out and add to the bullpen, to the bench, to the rotation, whatever. With Jones, who has a full no-trade clause with 10-and-5 rights, and McCutchen the Yankees would not have that wiggle room.

So, let me eat my crow and take my foot out of my mouth while you, Brian Cashman, go out and acquire Granderson. He is a left-handed veteran outfielder that is familiar with the New York market, the team and the postseason. He can still hit for power and play a good defense in right field. Make the move, and make me ultimately look dumb, because if it makes the team better then I am okay with that.


  1. I could sign up with Grandy until Judge returns , I could sign up with Grandy and Walker platoon until Judge returns.

  2. I was on board with the Grandy Man a month ago. I realize that his best days are behind him, but I'd gladly take anybody over Shane Robinson. I'd love someone with more upside than Granderson, but he fits from a salary perspective and you know his personality would mesh in the clubhouse. He might be the only guy in baseball that's nicer than Aaron Judge.

  3. It's going to happen today for two prospects most of us have never heard of. Predicting it now.


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