Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hello… Quintin Berry

Good morning Yankees family and welcome back to the blog. Quintin Berry, welcome to the organization, welcome to the Yankees family, and welcome to coming off the bench and stealing bases as a September call up for the New York Yankees. That’s why he is here, and that’s what he will do. He will likely make the playoff roster as well if he does his job, which there isn’t really a reason why he wouldn’t. Get used to the name, because he is here to stay for a while.

Speaking of staying for a while, will you stay with me for a while? Maybe forever? I hope so, because I love you and I cannot do this thing called life without you, Kari. I love you.


  1. This is so wrong , how much faster is he really than Tyler Wade .
    I have hated this move they seem to make every year . Quinten Berry does not deserve a spot on the Yankees playoff roster period.I would rather lose a 7th game WS by an eye lash than have a roster spot taken up by just a speedster .
    I am not even sure that I want Voit on the Roster but Bird needs to step it up.I really believe Cashman should had signed a bat because we have had troubles against LH pitchers since Judge went down .
    Te higher the ERA it seems the more struggles we have also which I don't understand that, unless they are trying to hit every pitch out .
    We keep changing batting coaches maybe e should spend an off day of doing nothing but learning how to advance runners over without the long ball.
    Long ball is good and it won last nights game , but the night before Rondon they were taking mighty cuts against him and he is a guy you just have to go with the pitch and take what he gives you.
    This lineup should be able to score 4 runs every night ( Gardner needs to be moved out of the leadoff spot)and 8 runs when Judge,Sanchez and Didi are in it just by talent .
    I think the short porches gets them trying to do crazy things and it shows.
    Were in trouble if Torres doesn't return to the pre all star player because he needs to be the player who hits for average and punishes those pitchers who make mistakes with his surprising power instead of these home run cuts he has been taking at almost every at bat now.
    Stanton needs to quit letting the pitchers get ahead in the count and taking those fast balls it seems for strike one and jump on them.
    Andujar has the right idea if it is in my swing zone I am swinging.He takes very few pitches and even fewer strikes in other words he hits strikes and doesn't let them pass.
    Hicks is like Gardner streaky and if both are hot that is great , both are cold were in trouble.

    1. As a prospect Wade received a grade of 60 in speed.

      According to Baseball Cube, Quintin Berry's speed is 91.

      Ask Dave Roberts from the 2004 Red Sox how important speed is off the bench in the postseason.


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