Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yankees @ Red Sox 4/22/12 Postponed Due To Rain

Tonight's game has been postponed due to the rain and no makeup date has been announced. This is a shame because we really had Boston on their heels and not feeling good about themselves but you cannot mess with mother nature. 

The Yankees have announced that they are just going to push their starters back a day so CC will pitch tomorrow in Texas followed by Kuroda and Hughes. Unless something changes we will see a Kuroda vs. Yu Darvish game on Tuesday on MLB Network. Also, with an off day on Thursday, the Yankees have the opportunity to skip Freddy Garcia and instead pitch CC on Saturday on regular rest. 

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  1. If they don't skip Garcia, and then possibly give the ball to Phelps instead, then I'll join the Girardi bashers. I've had enough of Freddy.


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