Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alex Rodriguez Rant

Ok so I do not like to take my personal feelings and put them on this blog that much because frankly I do not think a lot of you care what I think. I think you come here for the news or the rumors or the scores or whatever. I like to leave my personal side for twitter and facebook and such but I cannot help it anymore. Joe Girardi is ONCE AGAIN benching Alex Rodriguez in the playoffs. This way of thinking has gone from gutsy, to personal, to downright idiotic in a matter of a weeks time. Where the hell does Joe Girardi get off benching Alex Rodriguez due to performance when he has not allowed Robinson Cano or Russell Martin or hell anyone on the roster not named Ibanez. Why is Alex Rodriguez the scape goat when he has had better at bats with better results then a ton of guys that are on the ALCS roster? This is personal and I do not like personal when it comes to baseball because it should be a business on their end. Joe Girardi apparently was paying as much attention to when Joe Torre started messing with ARod in the playoffs as he does to his brain because this is a dumb move in every conceivable way.

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  1. Yeah, if people want to ignore an opinion, I give mine plenty of times here.