Thursday, October 18, 2012

Newsflash! The Detroit Tigers Were Not Dominant.

That was my face when I heard a TBS announcer say that Detroit pitching has been "dominant".

The Tigers team batting average in the AL Championship Series is .259. That's good enough for 2nd out of the four teams that were left in the playoffs before today, but it's hardly a stat to get excited about. You want another stat to not get excited about? Here you go... Detroit's team on-base percentage is .317. One more? You got it... a slugging percentage of .371. In the regular season the Tiger's team triple-slash was .268/.335/.422.

I'm not going to go by stats like ERA to show that Tiger pitching hasn't been any better, because those stats are incredibly skewed thanks to Yankee hitters that apparently checked out a couple of weeks ago. The Yankees have hit .182/.244/.291 in the ALCS. .182/.244/.291! New York hit .265/.337/.453 in the regular season. If the Yankees had hit anything near those regular season numbers, then there's a good chance the Yankees would have been in position to sweep the ALCS... not the Tigers.

Lord, I haven't pitched since Little League (played 2B and RF in high school), but I think I could have thrown a quality start against that Yankee offense.

So for TBS announcers, or anybody else for that matter, to be acting as if Detroit has been "dominant" is ridiculous. Simply put, the Yankees suckiness has overshadowed Detroit's "meh" LCS.

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